Friday, February 06, 2009

Greetings from Hungary...

Here I am teaching a class of kettlebell enthusiasts in Budapest - this is a "guest" teaching I performed for some of the local RKC's - Rita and Ervin.  Much pain and fun was had by all!


Rita Nemeth, RKC said...

...and the first question of our victims to us after regaining breath again: "When will He come next time?" :-)
Dear Brett, thanks for the awesome experience!! Your Hungarian fan club is constantly growing - no wonder ;-)

Pafe said...

Workout was fantastic!
Thank you!

Szabi said...

Our last training was very special. We had chance to learn from one of the most famous RKC instructor - and get acquainted with a real humble and kind man.
Thank you very much for the great experience, Brett!

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