Sunday, February 01, 2009

Another Grip, Rip and Kb day...

What better way to get ready for the Super Bowl??!!

Card tearing x 2 decks +
(1st deck was a hard Casino deck that I then Quartered both halves - 2nd deck was a dollar store deck but still not an easy deck - tore that behind the back and then quartered one half of that deck - by this time I am bleeding so I call it a day on the card tearing)

Bending - 60d nails x 5 double underhand

Pinch Lever Block (10# @ 3/4 length of post) x 3+3

40 kg KB One Arm Swings x 6+6 x 5 sets

Lots of Z, ASLR and T-spine rotation to finish.

Best card tearing day in quite some time - amazing what happens when you put some practice into something ;-)
The Dennis Rogers style is going well - got a full tear behind the back and my first quartering of the casino deck literally popped apart.  Feels good - but the bleeding is something to work on.

Thank you to Adam Glass for lighting a fire under my butt again on the Grip work!

Go Steelers!!


Mike T Nelson said...

Thanks for the update and cool grip fun!!
Rock on
Mike N

Dan Cenidoza said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one who bleeds tearing like that... thumb webbing, index finger... even bled from under my fingernails once.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Mike - fun for sure...

Thanks Dan - yup a bit of bleeding and discomfort but oh what fun!!

Brett Jones said...


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