Saturday, January 31, 2009

Grip and Bent Press...

First day back at some Gripping and bending...

Tore 2 decks of cards (one was 3/4 through behind the back)
Bending x 10 -60d nails (double underhand)
Pinch level Block with 10 pounds 3/4 length of the post x 2 sets of 3 r+L
Bent Press 40 kg x 2+2, 2+2, 2+2
Z to finish

Feels good to be back at some of my favorite strength work.
Have to admit I gave a grade 5 bolt a try and it was a no go - so I have a  long way back to get the Red with the Double Underhand style.
Tearing a deck of cards over 3/4 of the way through Behind the back was a surprise - i am starting to get a good feel for the Dennis Rogers' style of tearing cards.

Fun Stuff and GO STEELERS!!!

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