Monday, January 19, 2009

Workshops and Training...

Very excited for this weekend in Indianapolis!

Saturday Jan 24 in Indianapolis with Mike Robertson
Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training 9402 Uptown Drive, Suite 300, Indianapolis, IN 46256 Indianapolis Fitness And Sports Training317.578.0998

February 7th and 8th FMS workshop in Budapest, Hungary

February 21 Kettlebell Workshop at The Golf Performance Center - details soon on: (

February 28 FMS workshop (closed workshop)

March 21 FMS workshop in West Virginia (I think it might be a closed workshop)

April 4-5 FMS Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

April 17-19 RKC certification in Minnapolis

April 25 FITCON Keynote Speaker (click the link for more information)

And coming in May - presenting at the Perform Better Summit in Providence, A special FMS and Secrets of... workshop in Amsterdam, and at the end of the month the second CK-FMS workshop in Minneapolis!

Training today: Getting back to some basic strength work...
Bodyweight Pull-ups x 8 reps x 4 sets
Pistols x 3+3 reps x 4 sets (down on two up on one for the first three sets - full pistols last set)
Speed DL 225 x 5, 5
32 Kg Get-ups x 10 minutes
32 Kg Swings x 20 reps (alt. or one arm) x 3 sets at the top of the minute

Been adding in some grip work - Gripper attempts with BBSM, Card tearing block practice (see for details)
Grade 5 bolts are in at the hardware store and I need to pick up a box of 60 penny nails and the Double Under bending will start.


Phil Scarito said...


What is considered a Grade 5 bolt and are penny nails equivalent to the yellow nails?? Still trying to rip a deck. only got 40 and it took me a half hour.

Why no certs in PA??

Franz Snideman said...


Your calendar is impressive! Congrat's on the business aspect of your career. Few trainers (coaches) ever get out of the "personal training only" game and you have managed to do so beautifully.

I still need to get you my CK-FMS video. Am I too late? Hope not!

Brett Jones said...

60 penny nails (or 60d common) are roughly equal to a Blue nail - although this varies - Grade 5 bolts are a step up from there etc...
Keep working on the cards - take a look at Adam Glass' site for tips

No certs in Pa - certs are run through Dragondoor - I cannot just run a cert. Eventually we will get something going on the East coast.

Thanks Franz,
Life is good - just gotta keep grinding!
Get the vid to me - it is not too late

Mike T Nelson said...

Nice work on all the speaking and workshops dates. Whoo ha!
I may see ya briefly here in MN in April. I won't be at the RKC II, but I will be assisting at the June RKC one if you are back.
Rock on!
Mike N

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