Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Working the chain today...

Prep work - Z and ASLR
and then right into it:
20 sets of 30 seconds on 30 seconds rest working the chain 
(24kg + 20kg + 16kg) for one arm swings
so right arm 30 seconds at whatever weight and then left arm for the next etc...

Stretch, Z and stuff at the end.

Simple is best.

And what did everyone thing of the Confusion quote below?


Dan Cenidoza said...

Good quote Brett. It reminds me of the quote "The height of cultivation is really nothing special. It is merely simplicity; the ability to express the utmost with the minimum." - Bruce Lee

Anna said...

We often lump “complexity” as synonymous with “confusion,” treating these two words as one and the same. Or as the quote implies, we believe that it is a complex thing, subject matter, idea, or what have you that renders us confused. However, it is actually when we flip-flop the phrase that we can begin to understand the truth; complexity does not cause confusion, but rather confusion causes complexity. When we are "confused" and lack an honest bread and butter understanding is when we deem something complex, and even incomprehensible. The only reason why anything seems confusing to each of us is when we do not have a solid foundation from which to work. There first has to be a set of principals or "always trues" from which we discern and filter all else— may it be pertaining to life in general where we arm ourselves with a strong code of ethics and morals so we quit sweating the small stuff, to our training where correct posture and efficient movement always overrides the ego’s want to throw down the heavy weights before our bodies are ready. With a methodical system in place, everything else is automatically simplified and the “fluff” becomes glaring. This is what it means to “have it down to a science.” Science after all is just organized knowledge.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Dan - I am a huge fan of simplicity.

Thanks Anna - Let me include a bit more of what Jeff Hawkins was saying:
"Most scientists say that because the brain is so complicated, it will take a long time to understand it. I disagree. Complexity is a symptom of confusion, not a cause."

I am not sure that flipping the words means the same thing. Doesn't that just mean the opposite?

Dan Cenidoza said...

One of the best compliments I've ever received was someone telling me how precise and to the point I was when she asked me a question. She said that I did not waste a single word.

I think the ability to explain or express yourself with simple and direct statements is an important quality, especially for trainers. It drives me crazy when people talk in circles without ever seeming to get to the point. Kinda like when mom calls... :)

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