Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just mobility today...

My training today was just an extended session of joint mobility and stretching etc...
So lots of Z and ASLR.  After three days of training and a busy day of work I just needed a day of movement.

My Workshop Schedule as it stands at this point:

Saturday Jan 10 Level 2 RKC Prep Course at Condition Kettlebell Gym in Atlanta hosted by Delaine Ross

Saturday Jan 24 in Indianapolis with Mike Robertson 

February 7th and 8th FMS workshop in Budapest, Hungary

February 21 Kettlebell Workshop at The Golf Performance Center - details soon on: (

February 28 FMS workshop (closed workshop)

March 21 FMS workshop in West Virginia (I think it might be a closed workshop)

April 4-5 FMS Workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark 

April 17-19 RKC certification in Minnapolis

April 25 FITCON  Keynote Speaker (click the link for more information)

And coming in May - presenting at the Perform Better Summit in Providence, A special FMS and Secrets of... workshop in Amsterdam, and at the end of the month the second CK-FMS workshop in Minneapolis! 
And that is just the first half of the year!

Email me or respond here if you would like information on any of these workshops.


Anonymous said...

I will be looking for you in Providence this May Brett!


Rapid Results Fitness - Betsy Collie said...

Hey Brett! Happy 2009! Hope you are well! Just catching up on reading everyone's blog these days! I noticed from your schedule that you'll be at the cert in April. I'll be there too! Looking forward to it! Take Care! Betsy

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