Sunday, January 11, 2009

Back from Atlanta and some BIG Thank you(s)....

The workshop in Atlanta was great.  A serious group of attendees who worked hard and learned well during the day.  We put in nearly 5 hours of continuous work and had a blast!
Where do you start for an "Advanced/Level 2 prep" workshop - with the basics of course!
After hitting the swing and get-up we progressed into a variety of more advanced KB drills.

I have to Thanks Delaine for setting up the workshop and having me down to Atlanta and for introducing me to some awesome Atlanta BBQ (even I couldn't finish my meal which for those of you who know me know that means it was a LOT of food!).

A HUGE thank you out to David Whitley and Sara Cheatham - Two of our Senior RKCs who took time out of their lives to come down and attend/assist at the workshop.  If you ever have the chance to work with either of these RKCs don't think - just do it.  You will be the better for it.

Now a bit of recovery time today and then back at next week preparing for the KB workshop in Indianapolis.


Pui said...

Thank you again for an awesome workshop!

Anonymous said...

It was great catching up Brett. Bent press practicve is on the agenda for his week! ;)
See you at T-phase, if not before!

Brett Jones said...

Great working with you - keep swinging.

Thank you for your help and it was great working with you. I don't think I will hit T-phase until October - enjoy the Bent press work.

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