Sunday, January 04, 2009

2009 - the Year of the Get-up!!

First Training of 09....

Prep work - Z, ASLR

Get-ups - 16kg x 3+3, 3+3, 3+3 (continuous)
(various styles)
Single leg DL 16 kg x 5+5, 5+5

Pistol Practice 16 kg x  3+3, 3+3

Swings 16 kg x 20+20 15+15 10+10 5+5

Windmill 16kg x 3+3

Just to knock the vacation off and get started for 09.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for your great blog and training is very inspiring and helpful!! I have a
quick question re: the pistol...

Have you ever had problems with your leg cramping up(on your straighten'd leg)while doing pistols?
I can't shake this problem...and it has gradually gotten worse. I feel like it must be an imbalance somewhere in my legs, hams or hips??
I don't have problems/ pain or tightness with other KB moves or ROM (that I am aware of..??) and as long as i stay away from pistols I am fine. What are some of your thoughts? Thanks a ton!!

Brett Jones said...

Yes I have experienced the cramping you are describing - and I hate to give you a non-answer but I would need to see your FMS tests and maybe some Z health drills in order to accurately assist you.
I actually let me knee bend slightly on the leg that is straight.
Let me know

Anonymous said...

thanks...i kinda figured that an "internet-assessment" would'nt really work.
thanks again, later

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