Monday, January 05, 2009

Work to be done...

Training today:
Prep work - Z, ASLR
All drills with 32 kg KB
Windmill x 3+3
Get-up x 4 singles R+L continuous
SLDL x 3+3, 3+3
Clean and Press x 5+5, 5+5
One arm Swing 10 + 10 x 5 sets

For the first time in a decade I gained weight during a holiday season - very dissappointed by this and making some immediate changes to correct the situation.
#1 - Eliminating sweets and sugar
#2 - Zero "adult beverages"

Once again I am reminded that I am not immune...


Phil Scarito said...


The sweets is possible but, the "Adult beverages" I don't know about that. Good Luck.

I sent my FMS DVD and I am trying to put the video up on my Utube page as well for you to view.

Brett Jones said...

The decision has been made- so Zero is the number.
Look forward to the CK-FMS DVD.

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