Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mixed MVO2 today...

Prep - ASLR, T-spine rotations, Z
24 kg Get-up (arm bar to leg raise) 1+1
24 kg Get-up x 4+4
24 kg Bottoms up clean 5+5
24 kg SLDL x 5+5
24 kg one arm Jerk 5+5
24 kg One arm swing 5+5
Above exercises as a circuit through the with right arm then repeated with the left arm
24 kg MVO2 alternating sets of Snatches (7 reps per 15 sec) and Viking Push Press (10 reps per 15 sec) x 20 sets

The VPP was a lot easier and faster pace than previous which I have to attribute to the Neupert program pressing volume.

I am still trying to get caught up on some sleep after a very bad night of sleep in Dublin, OH because a wedding party on my floor of the hotel went ALL night!  Drunk people tend to be very loud and rude.  I was not happy.


davor said...

Being a responsible member of society, and considerate to your fellow humanoids, are behaviours that go out the window after a few drinks. Oh, and let's not forget taste in music. Bring back the opium dens and let us all chill out a bit!

Brett Jones said...

No way Davor ;-)

Respect and consideration doesn't seem to mix well with alcohol but i am all for people having fun.

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