Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wimbledon Sunday...

A great match shaping up on Wimbledon Sunday - Federer and Roddick going at it Center court.

Federer has a smoothness to his movement and game that is awesome to watch and Roddick is powerful and a great player as well.  If you are watching the match try to see how much time Federer typically has for each shot.  He moves into position so well but Roddick leaves his feet so often.  Very different approaches to the game.
Interesting to note the Ankle braces on Roddick - wonder why they are there?  Since he doesn't get into position early like Federer, Roddick has a lot more hard cutting and stopping.  Very stressful on the feet and ankles.  Also interesting that Nadal dropped from Wimbledon this year citing knee pain and he has a similar power game to Roddick.

Movement rules.

I ran a couple of hill sprints today which are feeling better and better.

Hope the holiday weekend has been great for everyone.


Taikei Matsushita said...

Hi Brett

Do you think it is better to sprint on a hill or slope, than sprinting up stairs like football players would do at stadiums.

Franz Snideman said...


I watched the last 10 games or so...WOW! Impressive to say the least! I was just talking to a client about how powerul Nadal is but how I predict his career will be shorter because he beats up his body too much. Contrast that to Federer, totally different as you mentioned. He is graceful, seemless and anticipates better than anyone else in the game!

Best player ever and I predict he will be able to sustain his progress and dominance because he doesn't SMASH his body into the ground!

Are you coming to the SD cert?

davor said...

I was hoping that such a spirited performance from A-Rod would secure him a victory.
I thought it was an incredible first 5 sets, but that in the 'extra time' games it just boiled down to who had the better endurance. After all, the game did go the best part of 5 hrs.
Two athletes with nerves of steel, and concentration like orange juice (made from 100% concentrate). They provided us with a real tense psychological show-piece.

Brett Jones said...

Personally I think hill sprints are very useful and have a great carryover to "flatter" running.

I agree 100% - Federer anticipates and places himself in great position with time to hit great shots and while Roddick stole the "serve" spotlight - Federer had over 50 aces!

I was torn on who to pull for but Federer is just smooth and a great player. Roddick will have his day soon - he just played amazing!

Randy Hauer said...

Truly an awesome, awesome match...came down to the stronger will, I think. Or as Vic Braden used to say, "just keep the ball in play and give your opponent another chance to take gas."

Ankle braces on Roddick = a prophylactic measure?
Roddick has played much of the last three or four years injured or coming off injury (hamstring, neck, shoulder, knee)He is one of the big names FMS uses in its promotional material isn't he? Guess he would be even more wrecked without it. But maybe he should take the Federer Movement Screen...Federer's anticipation, placement and execution are just unreal. Those qualities make moving around the court just that much more fluid.

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