Friday, July 16, 2010

Feeling "hammered"

My abdominals that is...
The dear abbies are feeling sore and hammered from two days of training the KB Jerk!
Gotta love it.

Today was a bit of stretch and club swinging (both one and two pound clubs and various postures and club swinging patterns).

Sitting at the airport waiting to fly to MSP.


davor said...

It's good that they're holding up to the hammering. You must be delighted that you can go full pelt at it again. There's nothing worse than fearing having a soft underbelly. I'm getting all these strange tweak sensations in the inguinal area recently, after the most minor movements. Then the next day it's as if it never happened. Row your boat was right, life is but a dream.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Davor
it does feel good to be back up at and it has been a very interesting recovery process.
Keep an eye on your belly as well
I'll see your Row your Boat and ask you:
"What if the hokie pokie is what it's really all about?"

davor said...

Ha, I'd love to openly declare that it is really what it's all about, but I'd be afraid I'd put my foot in (then take it out, shake it all about, etc)

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