Saturday, July 17, 2010

More Jerks and a Great group here in MSP...

Hit a bit of lunch time training during the FMS workshop here in MSP
Behind the back DL - 225 x 5, 265 x 5, 245 x 5, 225 x 5
One arm Long Cycle Jerks - 24 kg KB
1 minute Right + 1 minute Left + 1 minute rest x 5 sets

better pace and "reps per minute" this time on the Jerks

The group here for the FMS is great. tomorrow is the big finish with corrective exercises for the 7 tests.


Vitt PE said...

Hi Brett,
Are these "jerks" covered in you new DVD "kettlebells from the center" or are they KB sport style? Do you have an estimate on the release of the DVD?

BTW I love the Indian Clubs DVD and manual. I look forward to the KB from the Center.


Brett Jones said...

KBs from the Center will cover the classic Push-Press not the Jerk - another great power move.
We are busily working on cover art and authoring and it should be ready within the next few weeks.
Thanks for the feedback on the Clubs DVD and manual - please put a review up on Dragondoor when you can.

The Jerks I am doing are not the sport variety but are just good KB Jerks.

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