Thursday, July 08, 2010

Vacation and Cell Phones...

Vacation was great but nothing takes the wind out of your relaxation quicker than cell phone issues.

The past two days have been long days of technical support calls and stress over not having a working phone and losing some calendar information so I don't know what my appointments are for next week. Fun - Fun - Fun

Technology is great as long as it is all synched up and working - when it doesn't....

But on the plus side I'll be using a new IPhone 4 by next week.


Russell Demczak said...

Supposedly Verzion IS supposed to be getting the IPhone sometime in fairly near future fyi.

Brett Jones said...

I have heard those rumors as well but it was already supposed to have happened and no one in the store will speculate.
I already switched to AT&T ;-)

Gary Horn said...

As your blog description suggests, I believe in cultivating simplicity in my use of tools as well.

For me, I use (and trust) computing devices, especially battery powered ones, as little as necessary.

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