Thursday, July 29, 2010

A long, intense and incredible few days...

Last Saturday I flew to Roanoke VA to see my folks for a day then drove down to Danville VA early the next morning. Once there I accumulated 8 hours of filming for a variety of web video and DVD footage. Then it was on to the FMS Summit with Gray Cook and Lee Burton on Monday and Tuesday. Ended up presenting and teaching a bit on Monday and then Tuesday shot 4+ hours of footage for a new web based product and information.
Then it was on to the Advanced Corrective Exercise workshop (30 attendees) for Wednesday and Today for about 14 hours of instruction on the advanced assessment and corrective strategies within the FMS.

I finally had the chance to spend some time with Dr. Phil Plisky, Dr. Rob Butler and Dr. Kyle Kiesel who form the research and Y-Balance Test arm of Functional Movement Systems and are also involved in the SFMA branch of FMS.
The Y-Balance Test has me excited and I look forward to beginning to use it on a consistent basis.

Gray Cook continues to amaze. My friends Jeff O'Connor and Dr. Mark Cheng have been apart of the week and their friendship and support is greatly appreciated. Lee Burton and the rest of the Functional Movement Systems crew (listed above) are a group I am honored to be apart of and learn with/from now and in the future.

Gray's new book Movement will be ready to ship soon and it is a must have!

Now it is on to the HKC weekend in with Pavel and the RKC gang.

I am so honored to be a part of the RKC and FMS groups.

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davor said...

It's exciting to even read about it: I'm sure when these birds of a feather flock together, too many cooks WON'T spoil the broth.

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