Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sneaking in some training:

All with 28kg KB
Get-ups x 2,2,2
Swings (2 arm, one arm, alternating, side stepping etc...)
5 sets x 20
Windmill x 5+5

A demo session turned into a training session - good stuff.


Aaron Friday said...

Cool how you snuck that in there.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Aaron - I may not be know for my stealth but it is there...

Aaron Friday said...

Brett, nobody is known for their stealth. That's the whole idea of stealth.

Now keep quiet and maybe get some glasses and a comb-over to make you look like a nerd.

Brett Jones said...

Too damn funny because as I was making my response I was thinking "it wouldn't be stealth if people knew..."

My current "stiff powerlifter" disguise is working pretty well at the moment. ;)

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