Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Training today:

Squats 455 x 2,2,2,2,2

Bench 315 x 2, 1 275 x 2 (long pause)

Another decent workout - deep and solid on the squats.
Bench still needs work - going to do a little PTP style cycle soon.

Not back to 100% yet - still coughing and not breathing well yet so still punching the clock on the workouts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Brett, just out of curiosity.. What kind of grip width do you usually use on the benches?

Brett Jones said...

I have my pinkie on the ring or just inside of the ring.
Glad to see your palms are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

thanks buddy!

Adam said...

good stuff Brett, when is your next PL meet?

also did you get my email>

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