Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Great Michael Boyle article over at T-nation...

One of the things I admire about Boyle is his willingness to re-evaluate and progress his position on training and his beliefs based on his current information and experience. Others have their opinion and do not want to be confused with the facts.

Do I agree 100% with Boyle - no - but I don't have to and the fact that I don't always agree with him but still read everything I can that he writes should demonstrate the level of respect I have for him. Disagreement is good. Coach Boyle is very smart and has logged some serious hours training athletes and individuals of all levels. There is much to be learned from him.



Mark Reifkind said...

nice link, great article.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - I didn't want to be a Boyle fan but I am - agree with him or not - and I find myself agreeing with him more and more.

Fuzz said...

Liked the article so much I read it twice. I am getting more and more trainees who want to do "functional" training for sports when they don't understand what real training is, just as Boyle states
However, I have no idea what the convertabll twist is. Any help?

Brett Jones said...

Check the article discussions in the t-nation forum - he posted a video of it.

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