Thursday, July 12, 2007

Video of 475 x 2 Squats with belt only - felt very good.

Training today:
Squats 475 x 2 (belt only), 495 x 2,2 (belt and wraps)

Build up: Bar x 5, 135 x 4, 225 x 3, 315 x 3, 405 x 2, 445 x 1 - work sets...

And called it a day - Fun to hit some doubles with my previous max!

And here is a link to the other vid of 495 x 2 with belt and wraps...


Jeff Steinberg said...

Fantastic squatting performance! It's always great when PR's just seem so easy that you have to do it twice. How're you feeling as a 198?

-Jeff Steinberg

Brett Jones said...

Thanks - I weighed in this morning at 191 - feeling pretty good - "so easy you have to do it twice" - sounds like my approach to dinner! ;)
Hope you are well -

Mark Reifkind said...

awesome dude~ both sets were excellent. they looked easy too.
what kind of wraps are those?

oh yeah, perfect angle too :))

Geoff Neupert said...

Nice work! Your looking pretty think there buddy--I think 198's going suit you well. More weight=better leverage, right?

Guarden said...

Hey Brett.
Awesome demonstration of strength.
Nice BLOG I will follow.

Royce said...

Hey when I watched the vid of the 495x2 I thought of this. I'm sure yu will appreciate it.

Treading softly but surely I enter the room
I'm like Gary Cooper and now is High Noon
My enemy waits near the fire escape door
Just waiting to crush, leave me smashed on the floor

The weaker men sneer, but bow down their head
I'm walking a path they don't dare to tread
The stronger men smile and kind words are spoken
I'll leave this place proud or I'll leave this place broken

I'm limber and ready I'm stretched and prepared
My foe waits impassive, it knows that I'm scared
Now battle is joined as I start my attack
The great heavy beast like a bear on my back

My shoulders are aching I sink towards the ground
My legs feel like breaking my eardrums now pound
The beast pushes down now I use all my might
A huge surge of effort I'm winning the fight

I rise like the Phoenix my comrades all yell
They've helped and cajoled, They've been through this Hell
They've nurtured me, cussed me, been there like true mates
I'm one of the guys now I've squatted five plates.

John Stokes

Brett Jones said...

Yeah - more weight = more weight - right? ;)

Jacob - I will get you added to me links - hope you are doing well.

Royce - Thanks - that is probably the best "squat poem" i've seen and will probably repost that as a blog soon.

BJ Bliffert said...

You made that look pretty easy Brett. Keep it up, nice work!

fawn said...

Hi There Brett,
I try to keep an eye on your blog... I am reexamining your technique of wedging yourself under the bar. I can see it, I understand it... I am just having trouble figuring out how to do it for myself. I don't have a lot of squatting experience... maybe I just need more practice?

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