Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just a bit to think about:

Life is not a zero sum game.

Meaning - some people view life and success as one pie (a finite amount of resources and opportunity to go around) - and this means that if some one has a bigger slice than I have to have a smaller slice.

I choose to view life as a world with many pies (opportunities for success and resources) of many sizes.

Do not fear competition and someone having a "bigger slice of the pie" - we can all create our own success and have lots of pie.

Goofy but it gets the point across.


Wil said...

Very true, Brett. I agree completely- IMO, the 'one- pie' perspective is a blinder perpetuated by fear (and I suspect excessive greed). The sort of 'dog eat dog'/scarcity mentality self-perpetuates, and eventually destroys/devours itself and everything around it. Malthus was wrong.

john said...

Hi Brett,

I just noticed the reference to "upcoming workshops" on your site. Can you give us a hint?

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Wil - Life is a big wonderful thing and there is lots of room for everyone.

hawkeye - These are to be scheduled events with interested parties - so nothing set in the schedule - yet...
Hope you are doing well.

Aaron Friday said...

Brett, goofy is sublime. This post contains profound truth, represented by the unrestricted taking of pie.

There is simply nothing stopping people from grabbing some pie, or even increasing the size of the whole pie through their participation.

As you said, life is a big, wonderful thing. So what do you want? OK, that's great, now take it.

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