Monday, July 09, 2007

Here is a quick picture of Kentuck Knob - another Frank Lloyd Wright house here in PA - I have to say I am amazed by his designs and creations. You have to see them to believe them. The terrace and the hexagonal designs on the house are amazing.

Quick training today:

Squats with doubled over Monster Mini bands
315 x 2,2,2,2

Bench with doubled over Monster Mini bands
225 x 2,2,2

Had to get it done today but all felt good - the set up was bit different as I was in a different gym from my usual place. So the bands were about 8-10" further down and added a LOT more tension on the squat - but it felt good.


Mark Reifkind said...

tension good. more tension better. lol. nice getting it done.

Jim Ryan said...

double monster mini bands. Almost sounds like you're ordering at Starbucks!

Hey awesome pic of the FLW house. He was always one of my favorite architects.

Someday ya gotta see the FLW gas station in Cloquet, MN (about 3 hrs. N. of MSP.) Funky.

Brett Jones said...

Tension good ;) - Thanks Rif...

I'll have a double monster mini with a... does sound a bit odd.

Wright is amazing and I will have to see that gas station some time.

Anonymous said...

Word giving it up to PA we are simply the best. On all fronts. And thank you for mentioning Eric Cressey's Glass Analogy at the Level II. I wrote that down and just investigated it yesterday. His website and blog look solid.


Rick & The Family! said...


I have found the more tension the quicker I squat. That is unless you add bands to the safety squat bar and attach them so they INCREASE the spin of the yoke into your chest. Then leave it loaded to 475 with the average bands on it...

We almost got killed.

We should hook up for a training session some time. Let me know-


Brett Jones said...

W2 - Cressey has some great stuff - enjoy and it is obvious that PA rules.

Rick we should absolutely hit a session - heavy squats for me tomorrow! Shoot me an email - i have lost your cell phone #.

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