Monday, March 31, 2008

ADAU Meet Report...

Well - here goes the meet report for the ADAU Great Lakes PL meet - not a great day...

Squat - 475 was good with 2 whites and then I proceeded to miss my next two attempts at 520.

Bench - 295 opener - good, 310 second - good, pass on third.

DL - 545 opener - good and then proceeded to miss my next two attempts at 575.

Squat warm up felt great and in hindsight I should have gone to 505 then 520 but I thought I would hit my second and pass on my third - didn't work out that way though.
Bench was ok - ADAU is pretty strict on the pause etc... so I am happy with that considering I hadn't really benched in weeks.
DL is not that much of a surprise - hadn't actually trained a DL cycle since preparing for the October AAU meet last year.

Lots of mistakes and issues with the training cycle leading up to this meet - travel, missed workouts, decreased frequency of training the lifts, nutrition, etc.... but we live and we learn and progress - not sure when my next meet will be but probably not for a while.


Anonymous said...

Are yall planning on having the PTP Deadlift team this year??


Anonymous said...

&&& is a lift in the TSC a qualifier for that or does it need to be at a sanctioned meet???

Anonymous said...

live and learn....always a student of the game. congradualtions on your completion and results!!! later, alan (what's next?? more PLing or something different???)

Adam said...

Hey brother, Win some lose some--545 DL at 200lbs is still a damn fine pull!!

Brett Jones said...

Britt - we are planning on a team this year for the November AAU Worlds in Richmond, VA - details to come in a hardstyle catalog soon.
What is a qualifying meet lift would be determined by the AAU - but I think you need to do at least one lift in a sanctioned meet but the AAU will have the details.

Alan - Thanks - I am still on the PLing journey - raw elite 1472 is the goal - so it continues...

Adam - Thanks - it is just 30# below my best DL so I am not thrilled with it but it beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!

Rick & The Family! said...


Sometimes you get the bull, sometimes the bull gets you. I think that you hit the nail on the I was reading your training through-out the weeks it seemed like you did way too many singles and not much in the way of progression or special exercises.

Stay the course bro. If your special exercises go up, your lifts will go up.


Mark Reifkind said...

agreed adam! when you take big jumps in meets sometimes it works and somtimes it doesnt. when it doesnt it messes with your total and your head but you WILL get those numbers and more, and YES 540 at 198 is excellent. hang tough, bro,as I know you will.

Mark Reifkind said...

oh and yes, I agree with Rick of course :))

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Rick - it looks like I am going on a three month KB emphasis tour and then a return to my PLing in preparation for the Novmber AAU meet.
Thanks Rif.

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