Monday, March 24, 2008

Priming the machine for the PL meet...

Got some time in the gym today to get primed for the Powerlifting meet this weekend in Erie, Pa.

Squat - 405 x 1, 1 Walkout with 605, 405 x 1

Bench - 275 x 1, 1

DL - 405 x 1, 1

Feel fresh and good - weight was 196 this morning so I should just be able to coast in and relax.

Found some other interesting information today - releases annual rankings for the PL meets held and breaks them down by raw or equipped and by weight class.
So for the 2007 Men's Rankings in the 198# Raw category I ranked
#16 in the squat with 518
#24 in the deadlift with 573
#21 in the total with 1388
and I ranked #90 in the top 100 for the deadlift @ 181 for all meets reported last year.


Mark Reifkind said...

those are some great rankings already boss and this is just the start! well done. I love walkouts.really 'wakes up' the nervous system eh? lol. Have agreat time I wish I were going.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Rif - the walk out was good and I feel like I might be able to put together a decent meet this weekend - I'll give you a call tomorrow.

Aaron Friday said...

Yeah, we already know you're a stud with weights, but where do you stand in the "cute" rankings among powerlifters?

Brett Jones said...

Aaron - I rank very very very low on the cute-o-meter - have to hang meat off of me to get dogs to play with me etc...

fawn said...

I'm envious...

Are you thinking about the National USA Raw meet in July? I think it is in St. Louis. I think Maura and I are going to participate.

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Fawn,
July is crazy for me already so I don't think I will be able to fit in a meet at that time.
Hope you and Maura have a great time there!

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