Thursday, March 13, 2008

Training by formula...

Precise formulas are reserved for chemists.
It is really in this arena that you can be told the exact amount of something.
.08 oz. of ingredient X will result in a postive reaction - .09 or .07 oz. of ingredient X and you get something different - the cold hard science of precision works in this case.

Training is not a series of precision formulas - it is a blend of art and science.

How many of Exercise X? (I get this question a LOT!)
Honest answer - I have NO IDEA.
Maybe 3 - maybe 15 - maybe Zero - there are way too many factors involved to be precise.
Medical history, injury history, exercise history, mental, emotional and nutritional factors and mobility and neurlogical factors all come into play - so how do I give you a precise recommendation if I don't know you and know those factors that I listed above?

What you get are guidelines - not precise formulas. All that matters are the results.
Train with the results in mind - not a precise formula.


Will Fish said...

I have found I get the best results when I follow two rules,regardless of wha my goals are:


Brett Jones said...

No doubt - those two aspects of training and of life are essential.

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