Monday, March 17, 2008

Intermittent Fasting...

I have had some very interesting conversations with Zachariah Salazar re: my dietary "issues" and have come to the conclusion that I will be giving an intermittent fasting protocol a try.

This will be fasting until the evening meal and then "Katie bar the door" ;)
Here is a link with a pretty good post on IF and some actual research...

I have done the Warrior Diet in the past for periods of time and always felt very good but the difference here is the true fasting in between feedings. Research and anecdotal evidence seems to indicate that taking the "stress" off of the gut by not "grazing" all day is actually very important. We shall see...

Today will likely be the most challenging day since I ate my big meal yesterday a bit early and I have a very full day of work so we shall see how it feels by the end of the day.

And here is a link to an IF website...

Training wise I ordered some Jumpstretch bands yesterday so that I can incorporate a greater variety of band tension into my squat cycles and I will be going with guarenteed 10 minutes a day KB training to improve my conditioning.
Bulazy or not - even I have 10 minutes a day.

Big changes for the Jones


Mark Reifkind said...

this is how I do the warrior diet.I fast until 3-4 pm then Katie bar the door,lol til 7 pm or so. works well forme although if I wanted to keep my weight up I would have to 'bar the door' even more. enjoy!

Rick & The Family! said...

Couple things:

Be prepared for a very strange "trip" the first time you load up on bands. Your body will feel weird after you rack the bar, like you are still under the tension of the bands. After the squat workout you might actually feel drunk, fuzzy headed, hard to concentrate. You might be shaking as well. I think all of this is do to the CNS burn out. I almost feel like I am floating across the gym after using huge band tensions. It gets better each week, but don't expect to do a lot of extra work after the band work.

Watch walking the weight out with heavy band tensions. If you aren't careful, as soon as you unrack the bar it is going to jerk you backwards. This can either cause you to dump the bar, fall, or tweak a knee, quad, or hamstring real easy. If we have to walk it out, we put our feet way back behind us, lean into the bar, unrack it slow, get our balance, then step our feet into position. Our bands are hooked to band pegs at the bottom of the cage, not sure how yours will be attached.

Also, if you are going to go off boxes, please watch the hips. Mine got beat up when I did a lot of this stuff raw.

Have fun!


Brett Jones said...

Thanks Rif,
it should be interesting - and I think I will need to expand the eating time to get my calories in ;)

Thanks - I am going to build up slowly and not rush the tension.
I am not working on any box squats and tend to stay in my competition stance which is moderate width.
Un-racking and not getting thrown for a loop is something I found out already - it makes my set up and walk out very solid.

Rick & The Family! said...

It does wonders for your walkout, that is for sure. However, these last few weeks with the amount of tension we have been using, I have been getting some pain in my left knee. That is the leg that stays planted when I step forward with my right leg towards the rack. It is aching pretty bad today from yesterday. I can't wait for next week, Lance is back so we will no longer have to walk the weight out!

Monolift coming very soon...


Brett Jones said...

Be careful Rick - take care of that knee.

Rick & The Family! said...

Smitty suggested stretching the hips/hams, etc. and adding in some foam rolling.

I am going to order the foam and get started on that asap. I also ordered some knee sleeves from APT and I am going to wear them when I do all lower body. I hope that at least helps to keep them warm.


Anonymous said...

Hi Brett,

What is the difference between WD and IF. I was doing WD for long time - maybe a year - and that was great. Now I am on PN, as I could not stand eating once only around Xmas, so I had to switch, otherwise my family kill me...:)

But I am ready to go back to the WD though, the only question, how I can survive heavy trainings...

Peter from Hungary

Brett Jones said...

Smitty's recommendations look good - maybe we will get a chance to get together at some point and take a look at what is going on.

If I ever train hard I will let you know how it goes ;)
Seriously I think that is the main reason WD includes the protein shakes etc...especially the big pre and post workout shake.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brett,

Understand, thanks for your comment. Basically i just needed a final push to go back to WD, I got it...:) I was missing the freedom of not running after food 5 times a day...

Ps: sure you dont train hard...;)

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