Friday, September 22, 2006

Welcome to the Applied Strength blog -
Here you will find information on fitness as it relates to the four cardinal points of fitness based on a center of Strength.

The blog will offically launch when my website - lauches - which should happen on Oct. 3, 2006.


Dave Randolph, RKC Level II said...

Hi Brett, Your new site looks great!
It was a pleasure working with you again at the Oct 2006 RKC cert. Your knowledge & skills are the best.


Brett Jones said...

Thanks Dave,
Great seeing and working with you - I'll be in touch about your email.


Zachariah Salazar RKC CES said...

Hola! Great site, looks good, very professional. Cant wait to read all the insights! zzzzzz

zachariah salazar

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