Friday, May 24, 2013

40 minutes of fun this morning

40 min of fun

Prep - quick foam roll, ASLR and Cross crawls + hard rolls

Density training style workout
Reps at top of each minute for 40 min
First 20 minutes were alternating sets of:
double 24 kg MP x 5
alternated with
double 24 kg FS x 3
X 20 sets
continued with:
20 sets of 32 kg 2 arm swing x 10

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Keeping it simple...

one of Geoff Neupert's swing workouts was featured in the Strong First blog:

So today was simple
Prep - a few cross crawls and ASLR drills
28 kg two arm swings
8 reps at the top of each minute for 20 min

Mow grass for 2 hours

stretch + a few cross crawls

the swings were too easy but that is the idea (read the program and you'll see why)

Also study the blog post on programming - great stuff there

hey 2 days of blogging.... could be a trend??

BTW - I still have about 4 on-line training spots left...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lots going on...

Here is a link to a podcast interview I did with Scott Iardella:

Good interview with some good questions

Training is good -

For example - today was:

Prep - Foam roller and Primal Move + lots of cross crawls and hard rolls

24 kg Get-up + arm bar and bridge at elbow and hand x 1+1

1 arm 1 Leg Push-up x 1+1
Pistol x 1+1
(these felt really solid - both push-ups and pistol)

Deadlift x 405 x 8 singles with about a minute+ rest between reps

Density pressing and squatting
Double 24 kg KBs MP x 5 reps x 5 min/sets on the minute then drop to 3 reps at the top of each minute for 5 min/sets
at the top of the next minute I switched to Front squats
so - Double 24 kg Front squat x 3 reps x 10 sets (at the top of each minute)

Stretch etc....

The 1arm1leg push-up and pistol are my "indicators" for the training day - if they are solid I know I can "hit it" a bit but if those are lacking I have an easier day of training.

Lots of FMS projects and "stuff" going on - hence the lack of blogging

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