Friday, January 08, 2016

Quick training today

Had a fairly large biopsy taken off my right shoulder blade area yesterday so wanted to skip any Get-ups or exercises that might rub that area.

Prep - GFM
24 kg 1/2 kneeling windmill progressions and 1/2 kneeling bent press x 2 of each movement
24 kg Snatch 4+4 at the top of the minute x 20 minutes
stretch etc...

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Out of the Holidays and on with 2016!

Training has been hit and miss around the Holidays but onward with 2016

BW pull-ups x 6, 6
36 kg Get-ups x 1+1 x 5 sets
(7 minutes or so to complete)

couple of bent presses while teaching

Prep - foam roller, very small GFM
36 kg Get-up x 1+1 x 5 sets
6 minutes to complete
36 kg one arm swings x 5 top of each 30 seconds x 6 minutes
36 kg MP x 3+3 x 3 sets
36 kg Goblet squats x 5 x 2 sets

Dietary - basically warrior diet
I just feel better and do better if my first meal is after 12.
go figure

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