Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jump Rope and KBs...

Movement prep and foam roller
Jump Rope x 1 min with 1 min rest x 5 rounds
Gripper work during the rest
20 kg Get-up with press at each step x 3 singles r+L
20 kg Swings Various styles x 5 sets of 20 reps
Stretching and Power Breathing to finish

Jump Rope is feeling pretty good.
Pressing at each step of the Get-up gets me about 13 presses each arm each Get-up so it adds up pretty quick.
Feeling pretty good.

Headed out on about a weeks vacation tomorrow - only taking my Jump Rope, some grippers and my body for training.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from the RKC and off on a bit of a vacation...

The June RKC was a smaller group in numbers but not in spirit. Team Jones did great.
I am always amazed by the transformation from Friday to Sunday. You earn your RKC and prove your technique and teaching while being pushed through the weekend. 9 or 10 workouts "round" out the RKC weekend typically so the physical stress is high. But the attendees knuckle down and get it done!
Congrats to all the new RKCs and to Team Jones!

I got a small amount of training in over the weekend - grabbing some sets of swings etc... from time to time over the weekend or at lunch.

Foam Roller
2 Circuits of:
Gripper work
Jump Rope
SLDL (16 kg x 5+5)
Get-up with press at every step (16 kg x 1+1)
Finished with 16 kg one arm swings x 100 reps
(20+20, 15+15, 10+10, 5+5)
A little stretch etc...

Jump rope is in to strengthen the feet and lower legs for jogging.
Gripper work is LONG overdue.
SLDL and Get-ups with presses to balance me out.
Swings for conditioning etc...
Now to add some power breathing and I will be good for now.
This will be the basic routine for the vacation as well.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quick training before heading to MSP...

Movement Prep
16 kg Get-ups x 5 singles each side (various styles)
16 kg One arm swings x 150 continuous
(25+25, 20+20, 15+15, 10+10, 5+5)
16 kg Windmill x 5+5

I've been telling people for some time that if you locked me in a room with nothing but a 16 kg Kettlebell that I would come out strong and fit. Might just have to prove that.

Off to MSP for the June RKC tomorrow morning

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Jogging and KBs

Hit the nature trail this morning for a little bit of jogging in the VFFs -
Accumulated 20 minutes of jogging
Then went home and knocked out the RKC snatch test=
24 kg Snatch x 100 reps in just under 5 min.

Jogging - I have realized that I have been jogging into "bad form" by not walking when I feel my form change so today I would jog till I felt my form change then walk for bit then jog etc....
Snatch test - no blisters or hand stress, just used the 10+10 x 5 sets for the "strategy".

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Off the plane and off on a Jog...

What's a guy (or gal) to do while waiting on their hotel room to be ready?
Why go jogging in the famous Vondelpark of Amsterdam in their VFFs.

Established around 1864, it has great ponds, walking/running trails, bike access and incredibly beautiful scenery. So I put in 25 minutes of jogging around the park and then hit the room for a shower and a quick nap.

Jogging in the VFFs is still hitting the feet and lower legs pretty well so my feet and calves are sore but feel great getting a jog in after the flight. Maybe that will offset the travel better than just a nap ;-)
Push-ups and some leg raise progressions along with some stretching in the room for the next couple of days and then I might get up early and try to hit the Vondelpark again but we will see how the jet lag treats me.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back from Providence - Off to Amsterdam...

Got a little training in today
Prep work and Stretch
Jogging in my VFFs x 2.5 or so miles at the nature trail
Got back home and...
2# Club Swinging - just working through the 5 movements for unknown reps
16 kg Get-up and tall and 1/2 kneeling work

The Perform Better Summit was excellent. Got to spend time with Mike Boyle, Gray, and Thomas Myers to name a few. Joe Sansalone, Neghar, Mike Perry, several other RKCs were in attendance and it was great to see everyone.

Off across the Pond tomorrow...

Friday, June 04, 2010

Off to Perform Better Summit in Providence

Hitting the airport very soon to head to Providence for the Perform Better Summit.
Looks like about 700 attendees so it will be a big event.

I am working on the final edits of the Kettlebells from the Center - Dynami manual and am looking at 90+ pages of great info. We even have a special "Coach's Corner" section with Master RKC Jeff O'Connor providing deeper insights and information on the drills in the manual.
It's going to be a pretty strong product.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Another jogging day...

Made it down to the Nature Train again for some jogging - made it 3 laps continuous + one walking lap for another 2.5+ miles of jogging in the VFFs.

I'll be hitting some stretch/yoga later.

Might hit some jogging again on Thursday.

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