Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Back from the RKC and off on a bit of a vacation...

The June RKC was a smaller group in numbers but not in spirit. Team Jones did great.
I am always amazed by the transformation from Friday to Sunday. You earn your RKC and prove your technique and teaching while being pushed through the weekend. 9 or 10 workouts "round" out the RKC weekend typically so the physical stress is high. But the attendees knuckle down and get it done!
Congrats to all the new RKCs and to Team Jones!

I got a small amount of training in over the weekend - grabbing some sets of swings etc... from time to time over the weekend or at lunch.

Foam Roller
2 Circuits of:
Gripper work
Jump Rope
SLDL (16 kg x 5+5)
Get-up with press at every step (16 kg x 1+1)
Finished with 16 kg one arm swings x 100 reps
(20+20, 15+15, 10+10, 5+5)
A little stretch etc...

Jump rope is in to strengthen the feet and lower legs for jogging.
Gripper work is LONG overdue.
SLDL and Get-ups with presses to balance me out.
Swings for conditioning etc...
Now to add some power breathing and I will be good for now.
This will be the basic routine for the vacation as well.

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