Thursday, April 14, 2016

Healing up and backing off

I am still healing up at my surgical sites.  Demonstrated 2 Push-Presses and found out I was not ready for overhead ballistics. 
So... I am backing off a bit and taking my time in healing up.

Past couple of days have been stretching only

Prep - foam roller, GFM
20 kg 1 arm swing x 10+10 x 2 sets
44 kg 2 arm swing x 10 x 1 set

20 kg Goblet squat x 5
20 kg Low Windmill x 5+5

S&S talks about a 100 rep "minimum dose" but as I tried to start training again and trying to hit that minimum I had to realize it was a bit too much.  So I backed off to a minimum dose of 50 reps for me at the moment and I will build up from there.

Seems each surgery has taken me a little longer to recover fully from but that's life...

Monday, April 04, 2016

5 On-line training spaces are open!

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Please email for more details
On Line Training services
Are you trying to accomplish it all and not getting anywhere at all?  Well – you now have access to a fitness source dedicated to achieving your goals with the right mix of strength, power, flexibility/mobility, and endurance. 
Benefit from my 21 years of fitness experience – We will work together to develop an individualized program based on accomplishing your goals with the right fitness mix, whether it is kettlebells, sandbags, barbell, bodyweight or any fitness medium.
Put it all together and succeed!
On-Line Training With Applied Strength
Applied Strength is your detailed map tailored to your ever evolving program and needs.  This program is designed for those looking for a high level of personal service – consistent support and accountability are the keys to achieving your goals.
Included in the program:
Needs Analysis
Skype Movement Screening Video Session
Program Development
Weekly Review - email review of weekly program progress
Emails as needed
Skype video Monthly Consultations
This is the next best thing to having me beside you for your training – all the support and guidance you need to target and achieve your goals.
$299 per month – Membership is limited in this level so secure your spot now!
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Needs Analysis:
A Needs Analysis is a detailed evaluation of where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be.  We will have a thorough discussion through email and/or phone that will provide me with all of the necessary information to tailor your program.  This may include video analysis of either your lifting form or sports analysis.
Skype Movement Screening Video Session:
Using the video function on Skype we will go through an FMS style screening process evaluating your fundamental movement efficiency.  This will lay the foundation for your program.  During the evaluation there will be certain movements that will require the implementation of corrective exercises and avoiding certain exercises.  Through the Functional Movement Screen Solutions site we will create an “exercise menu” for you providing video and all the information you need to correct your weak links and make solid progress in your program.
Program development 
will be centered on achieving your goals.  It will encompass your FMS corrective strategies and your exercise menu.
The tools used in the program will be dictated by your goals and what tools are available.  If kettlebells are your thing then we can easily put together a program.  If barbells are the weapon of choice then it will be a barbell centered program, or bodyweight, or sandbag…
And while we will center on the tools at your disposal, I may ask you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Be prepared to benefit!!
Weekly Email Program Review:
Just below you can read about your responsibilities in the program and one of those will be maintaining a training log that we will review each week through email.  This is an essential step in the program and allows for consistent guidance and adjustment of your routine.
Emails as needed:
Crazy but true!  Have a question related to your workout or program? Then fire off that email.
I will respond within 24-48 hours unless traveling etc...
Skype Video Monthly Consultation:
Once a month we will set up a day and time to have a Skype video session.  This session can be a recheck of a “weak link” movement pattern or fine tuning form on an exercise.  (up to an hour)
Your Responsibility in the Program:
Once you sign up for an Applied Strength program and complete the Needs Analysis and Program Development you will be at the starting point.  The path will be laid out before you and there will be regular updates and progressions.  Your responsibility will be to keep a complete workout and food diary (if required) and adhere to the “Rules” of the program:
“Rules” of the Program:
  1. If it hurts you will not do it!  An intense workout can result in the discomfort of effort and may be a part of the program – Pain from injury (joint or muscle) is unacceptable.  If a suggested exercise “doesn’t feel right” or if you feel pain – you are to stop and email me immediately.
  2. You are asked to follow the suggested routine and refrain from adding your own mix of work to the equation.  Even if the “Ultimate Bicep Routine” is released in this months “Feel the Burn – Fitness Mag”- do not add it to the routine unless we have discussed it and determined together that it will be of benefit to achieving your goals.
  3. You are required to keep and submit a Workout Journal – either a word document or on-line program easily accessed by me.  Failure to do so will mean that you will not receive updates to your routine.  You are accountable to the program – if you do your part then we will find success.  If you do not then you are just paying me to surf the web!  Also – I will make ONE request for your Workout Journal – one only – and then I will assume that it is ok for me to take the week off!!
  4. The only unanswered question will be the one you did not ask.  You will be paying me for my knowledge – access it!
  5. I cannot cover all rules and situations that may arise during your program – so the email and/or phone consultations are our chance for clarity.  There are no stupid questions – Only the question you did not ask. 
What you may need for the program:
I may recommend certain products, DVDs, etc... as your program develops in order to meet your goals.  Additional information can be essential and we will discuss any products needed for addressing concerns in your program.
Training and Traveling...

Wed - Thursday (really 12:30 am Friday) I was teaching and this knocked me off schedule but I've come to accept the variations in a training schedule and I don't stress over them.  If I need rest I rest.

Friday and Saturday - Rest

Sunday 4/3
prep - foam roller, GFM
32 kg One-arm swing x 10+10 x 5 sets
roughly 1:4 work to rest ratio
40 sec swing = 3:20 rest

24 kg Get-up x 1+1 x 5 sets in 8:30


Today 4/4
prep - foam roller and GFM
24 kg Strength Aerobics + S&S swings x 25 min.
25 min = 20 swings left
strength aerobics till
20 min = 20 swings right
strength aerobics till
15 min = 20 swings left
strength aerobics till
10 min = 20 swings right
strength aerobics till
5 min = 20 swings left
strength aerobics till
0 min = 20 swings right


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