Thursday, April 14, 2016

Healing up and backing off

I am still healing up at my surgical sites.  Demonstrated 2 Push-Presses and found out I was not ready for overhead ballistics. 
So... I am backing off a bit and taking my time in healing up.

Past couple of days have been stretching only

Prep - foam roller, GFM
20 kg 1 arm swing x 10+10 x 2 sets
44 kg 2 arm swing x 10 x 1 set

20 kg Goblet squat x 5
20 kg Low Windmill x 5+5

S&S talks about a 100 rep "minimum dose" but as I tried to start training again and trying to hit that minimum I had to realize it was a bit too much.  So I backed off to a minimum dose of 50 reps for me at the moment and I will build up from there.

Seems each surgery has taken me a little longer to recover fully from but that's life...

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