Saturday, October 30, 2010


6 days of travel and teaching takes a toll on you.
Unless you have held a group's attention, been "on" and taught for 10 hours straight you don't know the fatigue that can come along with it.

No it's not the same as busting rock for a living but it is an emotional, mental and yes physical drain but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

At the CK-FMS I did manage a couple of workouts during lunch - one I really liked:

Bent Press practice:
Prep - arm bar, brettzel, ASLR
Bent Press weight ladder - 2 reps each side at each weight
24 kg x 2+2
48 kg x 2+2
28 kg x 2+2
44 kg x 2+2
32 kg x 2+2
40 kg x 2+2
36 kg x 2+2
36 kg x 20 alternating swings
Stretch - grab food and back to teaching...

These weight ladders used to much shorter before we had all the inbetween weights.
Might have to get a 44 kg...

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Prep - ASLR and Brettzel
40 kg Push-Press x 30 sec Right + 30 sec Left = 5 right + 5 left
10 sets total
first 5 sets (30 sec R + 30 sec L) with 1 minute rest between sets
2 min between sets 5 and 6
Second 5 sets (30 sec R + 30 sec L) with 2 minute rest between sets

Fun and Tough!

Britt Buckingham
performed 50 continuous push-press with the 48 kg so I have some work to do!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Unwinding from Orlando and headed or a whirlwind tour of Chicago and Minneapolis...

Prep work:
Foam Roller, ASLR, Brettzel
24 kg Arm bar r+L
24 kg Get-up x 10 min.
24 kg One arm Swing x 30 sec Left + 30 sec Right + 1 min rest x 5 sets

Really needed to move after the RKC weekend and travel etc...
I'll grab a quick workout tomorrow morning and then off to Chicago.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Get-ups and Swings

Movement prep - foam roller
Get-ups and Swings
40 kg x 2+2 get-up + 20 alternating swings
28 kg x 2+2 get-up + 20 alternating swings
32 kg x 2+2 get-up + 20 alternating swings
24 kg x 2+2 get-up + 20 alternating swings

Orlando RKC here we go!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Military Press Ladders

Movement prep - ASLR , Brettzel
24 kg Armbar
24 kg Get-up x 3 singles right and left
32 kg Military Press Ladders
ladder of {1 - 2 - 3} x 5 ladders (left and right arm of course)
32 kg Alternating Swing x 20, 20
Indian Clubs

Feeling good

Monday, October 11, 2010

For the upcoming Orlando RKC...

I decided to knock out the RKC snatch test today since we have an RKC coming up this week.

Movement Prep - ASLR, Brettzel
24 kg Snatch Test = 100 reps in under 5 min
Broke down to 10+10 x 5 sets = 40 sec work with 20 sec rest
Finished 100 reps in 4:45
16 kg x 5 Goblet Squats + 10 alternating swings x 5 sets continuous

The Long Cycle Clean and Jerk and my other training must be paying off since this was easier than the last time I tried the snatch test. Progress is good.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Long Cycle training

Movement Prep:
16 kg Shoulder and Hip openers
16 kg Get-ups x 3+3
2/24 kg Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 5 reps x 10 sets
55 sec. rest between sets
Indian Clubs

A slight decrease in rest between sets - didn't notice it until the 8th set.
Breathing pattern is getting better during the LCC&J.
Feeling good

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Weight Ladders

24 kg Windmill x 5+5
Weight ladder with ascending weights and descending reps
24 kg x 4+4
28 kg x 3+3
32 kg x 2+2
40 kg x 1+1
x Military press ladder
x Front squat ladder
x Military press ladder
x Front squat ladder
24 kg Windmill x 5+5

So two Military press ladders and two Front squat ladders - going up in weight but down in reps for the ladder. Minimal rest between rungs and ladders.
Quick and efficient workout.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


Did a good bit of stretching with clients

Movement prep - 24 kg Shoulder and ASLR openers
Swing Ladder
28 kg x 1 min Left + 1 min Right
2 min rest
24 kg x 1 min Left + 1 min Right
3 min rest
20 kg x 30 sec. Left + 30 sec. Right + 1 min Alternating
3 min rest
16 kg x 30 sec. Left + 30 sec. Right + 1 min Alternating

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A bit-o-practice today... and Stuff I Misplaced

I have decided that there are a couple of things I have misplaced (to say I lost them would mean I can't get them back and that just ain't so...)
#1 - My grip
#2 - My deadlift
#3 - My pull-ups

These are the things that I have neglected most in the past year and a half + since my ventral hernia became an issue in 2009. But it is now time to get back on the train there and get these back.

Too that end I have started using the 2x4 Pinch Block by Ryan Pitts (recommended by Dennis Rogers and my friend David Whitley) daily for a couple of sets of pinch block wrist curls or pinch block curls. Oh and I will be doing some double underhand bending a few days a week as well.
I have also started to get serious about my foot strength - performing lower leg exercises each day as well and building toward classic single leg calf raises.
I feel this will be an integral part of getting my deadlift back believe it or not.
Pull-ups - I just have to start doing them again - period. My house is a classic true 2x4 and 2x6 house where doorway pull-up bars don't work so I have to create a situation where I can get my pull-ups in in a consistent manner.

Some of this will require that I join my local gym again. It's a great place actually that is powerlifting and strongman friendly.

The theme for my training will be coming from Pavel and Dan John's upcoming book which I have been lucky to get a sneak peak of and it is going to be really, really good!

Movement Prep - 16 kg Get-up progressions for ASLR and Shoulders
16 kg Get-ups x 3 singles each side
2/24 kg KB Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 5 reps x 10 sets

Decided that I had been overextending a bit in my previous long cycle practice and will be approaching that part of my training with a different perspective.

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