Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quick training...

Lots of stretching today - hips and hamstrings etc... felt much better after opening up.

Movement prep - as I said lots of stretching
24 kg Arm bar + Get-up x 5 singles right and left (overhead squat to finish the get-up)
24 kg Alternating Swings x 20 reps x 5 sets (might have been 6)
Ab Wheel x 5 reps x 2 sets
Little stretch to finish

Opening the hips and hamstrings were a key for today. I missed a couple of days of training due to a small stomach bug thing and ended up a bit stiff so the stretching was key.
Stretching has or had become a debatable subject over the past few years but it still holds a great place in a program.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Just some training....

Movement prep - Foam roller, ASLR, Brettzel
20 kg Get-ups and Snatches
1 Get-up Right + 20 Snatches Right
1 Get-up Left + 20 Snatches Left
1 Get-up Right + 15 Snatches Right
1 Get-up Left + 15 Snatches Left
1 Get-up Right + 10 Snatches Right
1 Get-up Left + 10 Snatches Left
1 Get-up Right + 5 Snatches Right
1 Get-up Left + 5 Snatches Left
1 Get-up Right + 1 Get-up Left
get-ups were from top down (snatch KB - get-down and up + snatches then switch hands) Continuous
20 kg Goblet Squat and Swing ladder
10 GS + 10 alternating swings
9 GS + 10 alternating swings
8 GS + 10 alternating swings
brief rest
7 GS + 10 alternating swings
6 GS + 10 alternating swings
5 GS + 10 alternating swings
brief rest
4 GS + 10 alternating swings
3 GS + 10 alternating swings
2 GS + 10 alternating swings
1 GS + 10 alternating swings

Stretch and done

Monday, September 20, 2010

Back from a Great Philadelphia RKC

Congratulations to all the new RKCs from this past weekends Philadelphia RKC - it was a long weekend but always a transformative and amazing experience.

Did manage to get a couple of small training sessions this weekend
After setting up for the RKC on Thursday:
Prep - Arm bar and shoulder openers
2/24 kg Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 5 sets of 10 reps

Friday after the first day of the RKC:
16 kg x 1+1
48 kg x 1+ 0 on left
20 kg x 1+1
44 kg x 1+1
24 kg x 1+1
40 kg x 1+1
28 kg x 1+1
36 kg x 1+1
32 kg x 1+1

Missing the 48 kg get-up on the left was a surprise but with the right hip/surgery stuff I am balancing out it shouldn't be too much of a surprise. All the other Get-ups went very well so I guess I'm not too bad off. ;-)

A word of advice to future RKC or HKC attendees (and everyone really) - Make sure you don't have any underlying movement restrictions! Had one attendee this weekend with very restricted Ankle mobility (very restricted) and it had a HUGE impact on his form. Same for another attendee who had both ASLR and SM issues and yet another that is dealing with a hip/ASLR issue. These underlying movement restrictions/asymmetries and/or training in pain etc... have major impacts on form and performance.
Get an FMS screen and get it dialed in.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back from Canada and a little training...

A long three days of teaching (24+ hours of teaching in 3 days) but a great group of attendees and a very successful weekend.

Training today:
Movement Prep - roller, aslr, etc...
16 kg Arm Bar and shoulder openers
2/28 kg Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 3 reps x 20 sets (one minute rest between sets)
28 kg Swings 30 sec Right/30 sec Left x 3 sets (2 min rest between sets)
20 min breathing and recovery - sunshine time!

the 28 kg LC C&J felt easier in a way - the reduced reps allowed me to work on form and solid lockouts etc... a reduced volume vs. the 24 kg workout but heavier weight.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Very Quick training

Had to hit it quickly today:
Movement prep (foam roller, Brettzel etc...)
24 kg Arm bar and shoulder openers
24 kg Get-up x 5 singles each side
24 kg Swing x 1 min Left + 1 min Right

Felt good to knock off the "road dust" from traveling

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Swings and Get-ups
(not necessarily in that order)

Movement prep (foam roller, ASRL, Brettzel etc...)
16 kg Arm bar and shoulder openers
1#Club Swinging
16 kg Get-up x 10 min
Switch hands each rep at the top with a snatch
16 kg Swings x 5 min + 3 min + 3 min
Rest = to work between sets
(3 min sets = 1 min Right + 1 min Left + 1 min alternating)

Feeling good - Travel tomorrow

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Long Cycle Clean and Jerk

I have decided on an initial goal of 50 Long Cycle Clean and Jerk with 2/24 kg KBs so my training will be focused towards that goal and on some longer sets of snatches with the 24 kg Kb.

Movement prep (foam roller, ASLR, Brettzel etc....)
A few cleans, presses and prep moves with the 24 kg KBs
2/24 kg Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 5 reps x 20 sets
one minute rest between sets for 15 sets
1.5 minute rest between sets for the last 5 sets
Stretch and lay in sun for 20 min (getting vitamin D and pondering why I do this to myself)

Long Cycle C&J is no joke.
My first goal here was to double my goal volume of 50 reps and then slowly decrease my rest between sets. Looks like I need to first get to where one minute between sets is ok then progress down from there.
Tomorrow will be a light day of Get-ups and Swings.

Monday, September 06, 2010

What some people call being active...

Yesterday I played about 2.5 hours of tennis.
Today went on a 14+ mile bicycle ride on a "rails to trails" trail.

Just fun to have the time to get out there and be active.
Travel almost 30 weekends a year and it kills your chance to do this.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Training 9/4/10

Foam roller and Foot "rolling"
ASLR work
1# Club Swinging
Timed set work
16 kg x 20 min.
Consisting of:
30 sec. R + 30 sec. Left MP
30 sec. R + 30 sec. Left Clean and Press
30 sec. R + 30 sec. Left Clean+Squat+Push Press
X 5 cycles
30 sec. Alt swing + 30 sec rest x 4 cycles
Last minute of Alternating Swings

Finishing with the swings was actually refreshing and I got crisper as the sets went on and the last minute felt very good.
Yes I set the KB down during the 30 sec. on 30 sec. off sets of swings but no other rest during the 20 min.

Tomorrow will likely be Get-ups but we shall see....

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Light day of training...

Foam Roller and Soft tissue work
Movement Prep
Arm bar + shoulder opener
Club Swinging - lots
16 kg Get-up x 4+4
16 kg Snatch x 10 minutes
16 kg Goblet Squat + Swing ladder
Goblet squat ladder down from 10 to 1
Swings x 10 alternating

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