Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Long Cycle Clean and Jerk

I have decided on an initial goal of 50 Long Cycle Clean and Jerk with 2/24 kg KBs so my training will be focused towards that goal and on some longer sets of snatches with the 24 kg Kb.

Movement prep (foam roller, ASLR, Brettzel etc....)
A few cleans, presses and prep moves with the 24 kg KBs
2/24 kg Long Cycle Clean and Jerk x 5 reps x 20 sets
one minute rest between sets for 15 sets
1.5 minute rest between sets for the last 5 sets
Stretch and lay in sun for 20 min (getting vitamin D and pondering why I do this to myself)

Long Cycle C&J is no joke.
My first goal here was to double my goal volume of 50 reps and then slowly decrease my rest between sets. Looks like I need to first get to where one minute between sets is ok then progress down from there.
Tomorrow will be a light day of Get-ups and Swings.

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