Monday, December 31, 2012

More ladders:

Prep - Foam Roller, Primal Move

24 kg Get-up with arm bar and bridge at elbow and hand x 1+1

24 kg MP ladders 
1+1 - 2+2 - 3+3 x 5 ladders
double 24 kg FS x 10 x 4 sets
Chins +45# x 3 x 4 sets

Sets of FS and Chins were in between ladders - hence 4 sets

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Based off of this article that I saw on

What follows is my opinion:

Be afraid - be very afraid...

now that I have your attention

This is an opening salvo into PTs dictating scope of practice and changing the Strength and Conditioning world - IMO

I was a young ATC when State Licensure was being hammered out and watched the PTs try to dictate scope of practice to the ATCs - APTA recently settled out of court on a class action law suit over this reversing some of their attempts to dictate scope of practice to fellow allied health care professionals (ATCs).

PTs are going to start looking at the Personal Training and Strength and Conditioning field....
a field where people self-pay rates above what their co-pay for PT is typically - yet people will self pay for a personal trainer but not a Physical Therapy session

PTs will start to look at Personal Training and S&C as an income stream and try to gain access to those that self pay for services.

Licensure of some sort is coming to the personal training and S&C industry (hereafter the Fitness Industry or FI) and PTs will likely attempt to step in and offer direction and assistance in setting up state boards etc... and that is where the attempts to dictate scope of practice will begin and it may end with the people in the FI being clipboard carrying rep counters only able to "follow the conditioning plan" approved by the PT.
(this will obviously not be true in all cases but....)

the FI is an unregulated "free for all"
400+ certifying bodies
(some of them $99 on-line certs for KB training and yoga...)
No standard operating procedures
No standard of education and certification

State licensure is coming In My Opinion and the FI industry is unprepared (also IMO)

So an unregulated industry with no SOP, no education or certification standard and With popular franchises with high injury rates, "biggest loser" style beat downs and patients going into PT from the FI it isn't hard to figure out that the profession higher up the medical food chain (PTs) will be primed to step in and dictate to the FI

PTs are the experts at orthopedic rehabilitation, neuro and geriatric and pediatric rehab, even wound care
But they do not "know" exercise the way some of the FI do, the same as most DR's have no ownership of exercise information etc...

The FI is in a precarious situation IMO

the question is what will the FI do about it???

Will the FI develop SOP and a standard education and certification?
Not likely since there are LARGE sums of money made by the large number of certifying bodies out there
Will it boil down to just NCAA approved certifications??

Happy Sunday to you all... I am a ray of sunshine on an otherwise cloudy day - at least when it comes to this subject but I hope I am wrong.

BTW - I do feel that ATC would be ideally placed and skilled to take on the roll of being involved in the S&C programs and that they should already be involved

Saturday, December 29, 2012

A snowy day training

Prep - Foam roller, Primal Move

24 kg Get-up x 1+1 (arm bar + bridge at elbow and hand)

24 kg One arm swing x 20 x 6 sets
L x 20 - R x 20 - L x 20 - R x 20 - L x 20 - R x 20

Primal move to finish

Head out into the snow....

Friday, December 28, 2012

Training today:

Prep - foam roller, Primal Move, rolling

24 kg MP ladders
1+1 - 2+2 - 3+3 - 4+4 - 5+5 X 2 Ladders
1+1 - 2+2 - 3+3 - 4+4 x 1 ladder
1+1 - 2+2 - 3+3 x 2 ladders

24 kg Goblet squat x 10 between ladders (last set of 10 Goblet squat were curl GS)

Primal Move to finish

No rest between rungs

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Holiday Season and that the New Year brings every happiness and success in the coming year!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Getting ready to head to Budapest for the CK-FMS

Going crazy Dotting I's and Crossing T's before heading to Budapest tomorrow

Couple of days of training

Prep - Foam roller and Primal Move + rolling etc...
28 kg Get-up + arm bar + bridges at elbow and hand x 1+1
28 kg Get-up + presses at each step on the way up 1+1
28 kg Goblet squat x 3 prying + 3 curl
28 kg SLDL x 5+5
28 kg Snatches Density style
4+4 x 15 sets


Battling Ropes - Tsunami waves with 2"x 30' rope
15 seconds on 15 seconds off x 30 sets

More from Budapest

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving with Family and Friends

Couple of days of training


Prep - foam roller, primal move
24 kg Get-up 1+1 (arm bar + bridge at elbow and hand)
24 kg Get-up 1+1 (Press at each step on the way up)
32 kg Goblet Squat x 5
32 kg SLDL x 5+5
HSPU x 3
Pistol x 1+1
32 kg Snatch 3+3 x 10 sets Density Training style

Battling Ropes - Tsunami waves with 2" x 30' rope
15 seconds on - 15 seconds off x 30 sets
16 kg Get-up x 1+1 - arm bar + bridges at elbow and hand and windmill at top

Prep - foam roller
32 kg Goblet squat x 5
24 kg Snatch x 5+5 x 15 sets Density Training style

Now on to the Thanksgiving Feast!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Quick training today:

Prep - Foam Roller and Primal Move work (including FMS style rolling etc...)

24 kg goblet squat x 6 (3 prying, 3 curl)
24 kg SLD x 5+5 (with arch set in between each rep)
HSPU on Yoga block x 2, 2
Pistols x 2+2, 2+2

24 kg Snatches 6+6 density style x 10 sets


pistols feel very good and adding 3" or so of range to the HSPU makes things fun

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recovery and Training

Been in "recovery" mode since the Philly FMS combo course
118 for Friday's Level One and 88 for the day and half Level 2
Takes a lot our out of me but it is great

The last few days have been stretching, moving, rolling etc... with some handstands and bodyweight work

Prep - Primal Move with rolling work
24 kg Goblet Squat x 6 (3 prying and 3 curl)
24 kg SLDL x 5+5 (with arch set between reps)
Pistol x 1+1 (felt great)
32 kg Get-up 1+1 with bridges, 1+1 low sweep

24 kg Snatches density training
5+5 x 10 sets

Floor Bridge x 5


Monday, November 05, 2012

Only thing better than Swings and Snatches

Bacon  - just kidding

Prep - Foam Roller, primal move, rolling
24 kg Get-up with bridges at elbow and hand x 1+1
24 kg Get-up with press at each step on the way up x 1+1
24 kg Goblet Squat x 6 (3 prying + 3 curl)
24 kg SLDL x 5+5

Chins +45# x 5
1 arm 1 leg push-up x 2+2
Racked 16 kg Pistol x Right rack x 1+1, Left rack x 1+1
2 circuits

alternating sets of
Double 24 kg Swings x 10
24 kg Snatches x 5+5
x 20 sets Density Style (reps at top of minute)


Fun stuff

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Halloween Snatches

Ok - Oct. 31st was Halloween but our community rescheduled for tonight due to the Hurricane

Prep - Foam Roller, Primal Move, Rolling

24 kg Goblet Squat x 5
24 kg SLDL x 5+5

24 kg Snatches 3+3 x 20 sets Density Style using a 50 second time frame


Halloween costume pic later....

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Swings and Get-ups 

Prep - Foam roller, rolling, Primal move
superset of:
Get-up x 1+1 (various styles)
32 kg 2 arm swings x 20
completed 5 supersets 
(calf raises while resting between supersets)


Get-up styles: Armbar + bridge at elbow and at hand, Armbar + press at each step on the way up, Press at each step on the way up, Armbar + bridge at elbow and at hand, low sweep get-up

Calf raises are in to bring up my foot and lower leg strength

Good session today with my Chiro - full SFMA eval revealing some restriction in rotation at my hips but overall good movement

Keep Swinging

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just snatching (and other stuff)

With the hurricane coming through PA I actually had a couple of cancellations this morning and a chance for an early workout

Prep - Foam Roller, Primal Move eval warm up, rolling
24 kg Windmill x 3+3
24 kg Snatches Density Style
4+4 x 15 sets


Feeling good

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Snatches - nice and easy...

Quick workout today:

prep - Foam Roller, Primal Move "assessment/warm-up", rolling

24 kg Density style snatches
3+3 at the top of each minute for 16 min (one set of 5+5 to make an even 100)
2 leg Calf raises off a step after the snatches each minute
24 kg Goblet squat - prying x 1
Pistol 1+1
Bridge x 3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Missing but In Action...

I know I've been missing a lot of posts recently but there are only so many hours in a day so here I am back again...

In addition to being very busy with travel and work and home I had a bit of a flair up with my back that I have under control now and have been able to get back to my training.
Handstands were a constant but a lot of other things were off the table until recently.

10/15 training
Prep - Foam roller, ASLR, Brettzel, rolling

24 kg Arm Bar into Get-up with Windmill at the top x 1+1 x 2 sets
24 kg SLDL x 5+5

16 kg KB on foot Parallel grip pull-up x 3, 3, 4
1 arm 1 Leg Push-up x 1+1 x 3 sets
Pistol with 16 kg kb x 2+2 x 2 sets, bodyweight for third set

Trap bar DL 225 x 5, 5

24 kg Swings x 15 seconds on/15 seconds off x 20 sets


10/16 training

Prep - Foam roller, Brettzel, ASLR, rolling

24 kg Arm bar into Get-up with Windmill at top x 1+1
24 kg Get-up x 3+3

Hanging leg raise x 3
Double 24 kg FS x 5
Handstand push-up x 3
x 3 circuits

Feet elevated on an 8" box Bridge x 3, 3, 3

10/17 Training

Prep - 10 min on stairmaster speed interval level 10 x 10 min
Foam roller, brettzel, ASLR, rolling

24 kg arm bar into get-up with windmill at top x 1+1
24 kg SLDL x 5+5
24 kg Goblet squat x 5 (curl goblet squat x 4 + 1 prying GS)

trap bar DL x 225
bw parallel grip pull-up x 8
1 arm push-up x 2+2
BW pistol x 2+2
3 circuits


I have never run a cycle of trap bar DL so I figured - Why not?

Off tomorrow to lead a workout at the NPE event in Orlando Saturday morning

Friday, September 07, 2012

Ropes and KBs

Haven't touched a rope workout in quite a while so I ran down to my little studio so I could hit the ropes in my backyard and since I had a KB as my "rope holder" I decided to throw some 2 arm swings in as well.
And just to finish did some 2# Club swinging.

Prep work - foam roller, aslr, t-spine, hips, rolling

Battling Ropes Alternating Waves x 10 minutes continuous
32 kg 2 arm Swings x 10 at top of each minute for 10 minutes
2# Club swinging x 10 #1, 10 #2, 10 each side #3, 20 #4, 20 #5 and 10 of number 6

83 or so degrees out in the sun and felt great to get a sweat going.

Ropes felt good and I was actually surprised when the timer went off for 10 minutes
Now I am sure I didn't have the pace of a Tim Anderson or John Brookfield (I am QUITE sure of it as a matter of fact) but I was happy to keep the ropes going for 10 minutes after not touching them for a few months.
Swings felt pretty good and Clubs felt good as a finisher.

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Getting some training in...

The Bison and footwork 5 minute drills have been happening about every other day and this feels about right - 6 days into the month

Prep - Foam roller (my new travel rumble roller - very nice), ASLR, T-spine, Rolling work etc...
Circuit of:
BW SLDL x 1+1
Airborne Lunge x 1+1
BW Squat x 3
Pistol x 2+2
HSPU x 5, 5, 4
Completed 3 circuits (minimal rest and a large focus on my feet and arch position)
5 min Bison
5 min Ballet Heel Raise work
Rolling and "stretch"

Focus of the lower body work was foot and arch position
used different arm positions for the Bison "circles" - overhead, low in front, chest level, behind back and chest level again - fun stuff

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Add your favorite caption in the comments...

September experiment

I will actually be home all of September so it is a great time for a little experiment.

Andre Patenko gave me a Bison forearm exercises - also known as Sotsky's Exerciser
so what I will do over the month of September is about 5 minutes per day of work on the Bison using various exercise variation found on the website (used #13 primarily today).
I have set a baseline using a COC gripper and I know where I am on bending at the moment so after a month I will re-test and see where I am in these two areas.

Also for the experiment I will be performing 5 minutes of calf work a day using a variety of movements: ballet heel raises, calf raises both on the ground and off of a step etc...

We will see where my lower body strength is at the end of the month and I have a calf measurement baseline.

In addition I will be continuing to work on handstands and other bodyweight work as well as some swings and other KB work.

Fun stuff

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

SOS wrap up

That's Summit of Strength for those of you who don't know...

Jeff O'Connor, Geoff Neupert, David Whitley and myself have gotten together for the past 3 years to teach this workshop and it has been one of my favorite events each year.
Getting to teach with my friends and fellow Master RKCs has been a privilege and an honor.

This year Geoff Neupert and I co-taught the first day covering bodyweight progressions from stretching/mobility work to rolling to quadruped to crawling to transitional to pistols, handstands etc.... and it would have been 1/2 of the presentation and day that it was if we had tried to do it independently.
I even found a few things that I have added as part of my training since and it is making a difference.

Jeff O'Connor took the lead the next morning and we all got schooled in the Bent Press.
There is a rumor out there that Jeff will be filming and making his bent press work available soon - I'll announce it here when (if?) that happens.
If you have had questions on the Bent Press then that will be a MUST have!

David Whitley brought things to a close with an excellent presentation on Breathing techniques for both performance and relaxation.  As a HUGE believer in efficient and correct breathing as a foundation of everything we do this was a great presentation.

While we will not do the SOS again in this format in Oklahoma there are possibilities of it being revived in another format in other never knows....

This week I am off to Philadelphia to teach an RKC recertification workshop on Friday and the CICS workshop (Certified Indian Club Specialist) workshop over the weekend.

CICS wrap up next week

Training has been bodyweight work with some KB swings for conditioning...

Friday, July 20, 2012

When in doubt do a Snatch test...

Just needed a quick training session today

Prep work - Foam roller, ASLR, T-spine (brettzel 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0) rolling, stretch

24 kg RKC snatch test x 100 reps in just under 5 min.
(20 right + 20 Left + 20 Right + 20 Left + 10 Right +10 Left)


Need to get on a consistent snatch program but being able to knock off an RKC snatch test when I want to is not bad for now...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Finally found a DL groove again...

After spending some time with Pavel at the Swedish RKC I was finally able to find my DL groove again - I think....

Training today:
Prep work - Foam Roller, ASLR, Brettzel 1.0, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, Rolling,
24 kg Arm bar + Get-up x 1+1
24 kg Get-up with press at each step on the way up x 1+1
24 kg Windmill x 3+3

Deadlift (conventional style) 315 x 1 x 10 sets (rep at top of each minute)

Chins + 90# x 2, 2, 2
HSPU x 5, 2+1 (hands on 4" yoga blocks), 3

HLR x 3


DL finally felt like how I used to pull circa 2007 or so... going to stay at 315 for a few weeks and build a base to grow from and get my max strength back up where it needs to be.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Swedish RKC teaching team...

From Left to Right - Tommy Blom, Peter Lakatos, Pavel, and Me

Great times with Great friends

You will see on the right hand side the link to pay for on-line training services - details below...

On-line Training services will be available in July 2011 
Please email for more details
On Line Training services
Are you trying to accomplish it all and not getting anywhere at all?  Well – you now have access to a fitness source dedicated to achieving your goals with the right mix of strength, power, flexibility/mobility, and endurance. 
Benefit from my 21 years of fitness experience – We will work together to develop an individualized program based on accomplishing your goals with the right fitness mix, whether it is kettlebells, sandbags, barbell, bodyweight or any fitness medium.
Put it all together and succeed!
On-Line Training With Applied Strength
Applied Strength is your detailed map tailored to your ever evolving program and needs.  This program is designed for those looking for a high level of personal service – consistent support and accountability are the keys to achieving your goals.
Included in the program:
Needs Analysis
Skype Movement Screening Video Session
Program Development
Weekly Review - email review of weekly program progress
Emails as needed
Skype video Monthly Consultations
This is the next best thing to having me beside you for your training – all the support and guidance you need to target and achieve your goals.
$299 per month – Membership is limited in this level so secure your spot now!
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Needs Analysis:
A Needs Analysis is a detailed evaluation of where you have been, where you are, and where you want to be.  We will have a thorough discussion through email and/or phone that will provide me with all of the necessary information to tailor your program.  This may include video analysis of either your lifting form or sports analysis.
Skype Movement Screening Video Session:
Using the video function on Skype we will go through an FMS style screening process evaluating your fundamental movement efficiency.  This will lay the foundation for your program.  During the evaluation there will be certain movements that will require the implementation of corrective exercises and avoiding certain exercises.  Through the Functional Movement Screen Solutions site we will create an “exercise menu” for you providing video and all the information you need to correct your weak links and make solid progress in your program.
Program development 
will be centered on achieving your goals.  It will encompass your FMS corrective strategies and your exercise menu.
The tools used in the program will be dictated by your goals and what tools are available.  If kettlebells are your thing then we can easily put together a program.  If barbells are the weapon of choice then it will be a barbell centered program, or bodyweight, or sandbag…
And while we will center on the tools at your disposal, I may ask you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new.  Be prepared to benefit!!
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I will respond within 24 hours unless traveling etc...
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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Attention Pittsburgh and surrounding area

I am teaching an HKC on Sept 15

details here:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Video to check out:

188 snatches with a 24 kg KB by a 58 kg female GS competitor in Russia

Impressive to say the least

The next time someone wants to complain about the RKC snatch test requirements I will point them toward this...

Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Headed to MSP to teach CK-FMS Thursday thru Sunday

Will Blog if I can

This will be "leap forward" in the CK-FMS program - Jeff O'Connor, Gray and myself have some great info for the participants!

Friday, June 01, 2012

In the alley again....

 Backwards Bear crawl for 1/2 the alley then 5 runs up the alley (rest was the walk back down)


 Quick and effective

 Off to the Perform Better Summit tomorrow to present on Restorative Exercise and Indian Clubs on Sunday

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Good training today

 Prep - foam roller, ASLR, T-spine, hips, rolling

 24 kg Arm bar + Get-up x 1+1
24 kg Get- up + press at each step x 1+1
24 kg Windmill x 3+3

 Pull-up + 28 kg x 3
SLDL double 28 kg x 3+3
MP double 28 kg x 3
FS double 28 kg x 3
HLR x 3 Swing double 28 kg x 5
X 3 circuits

 Treadmill Jog 1 mile x 6.0 speed, 4.5 incline
Air dyne intervals x 20 sec on/40 sec easy x 8 intervals


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hit the alley again...

Quick and fun this morning since I wanted to do a little bit of what I did yesterday but still had to get the yard work done...

Alley (1/10th of a mile) work:
1/2 of the alley Backward Bear Crawl
1/2 of the alley Forward Bear Crawl
2 uphill alley runs

yard work


If anyone is looking out their back windows while I am busy bear crawling up the alley I am sure there is some laughter and confusion but just like the Honey Badger - I don't care.
At worst I will bring a bit of amusement into someone's day

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Becoming Bulletproof/Brookfield inspired training today

Bear crawls and hill runs

I have a 1/10th of a mile alley in the back of my house and I got inspired to do a little bear crawl and run training session.

One trip up the hill Bear crawl (1/10th mile)
4 Runs up the hill (1/10 mile x 4)
Half way up the hill Backwards bear crawl

Bear Crawling is NO JOKE!

This past Tuesday I had a good workout
Prep - foam roller, stretch, rolling
One arm One leg Push-up x 2+2
Pistols x 5+5

Pull-up x 24 kg x 5
Clean and Press double 24 kg x 5
SLDL double 24 kg x 5+5
FS double 24 kg x 5
HLR x 5
X 3 circuits

Airdyne - 10 minute total
1 min easy
8 x 15 sec on/45 sec easy
1 min easy


Blogging has been inconsistent but I am trying to get past a couple of things and will get back on consistent blogging soon.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another day of circuits

Prep - Foam roller, ASLR, T-spine, Hips, Rolling

16 kg Get-ups
1+1 arm bar + crooked arm bar + full get-up
1+1 press at each step on the way up
1+1 In-line Windmill at in-line 1/2 kneeling x 3 on way down both sides
1+1 Open 1/2 kneeling Bent press x 5 on the way down on both sides

Circuit of:
HLR x 5
HSPU x 5
Chins +100# x 2
Pistols x 5+5
X 3 circuits

Some stretching and movement work

Ready for RKC Level 2

Monday, April 23, 2012

Upside down Abs

Really dialing in the ab activation/isometric during a handstand is quickly becoming  a favorite along with HLRs

In fact I did a brief workout on Saturday and in hindsight it was a single set of HSPU (set of 5 reps) with "maxed" out abdominals that has had my abs sore for two days - fun stuff

Another circuit day today

prep - Foam Roller, ASLR, T-spine, hips, rolling

3 Circuits of: 
HLR x 5
HSPU x 3, 5, 3
Pull-up +45# x 5, 5 - Chins +90# x 3
Pistols 16 kg rack x 3+3
Uneven push-up x 5+5
16 kg Snatch x 30+30

If the reps changed for an exercise it is noted
HSPU was on and off of being able to really dial in the abs

2 circuits of:
dips +45# x 10
Bridges x 6

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Some circuits

Minimal prep

Circuit of:
Hanging Leg Raise x 5
Handstand Push-up x 5
Pistols x 10 alternating legs
Chins + 90# x 3
X 3 circuits

Circuit of:
Dips + 90# x 3
Head Bridge from CC x 5
X 3 circuits

Was able to keep really solid ab activation in the HSPU

Good day of training

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Great weather for outdoor training
 Prep - foam roller, aslr, t-spine, rolling
32 kg windmill x 5+5
32 kg bent-press x 5+5
32 kg SLDL x 5+5
32 kg MP x 5+5
Pistols x 5+5
 32 kg snatches x 21 sets - density style First 10 sets 4+4 at the top of each minute Next 11 sets 3+3 Stretch

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Upcoming workshops:

Don't miss these upcoming workshops - BIG discounts are about to expire....


RKC in San Diego
Swings and snatches

After a little bit of grease the groove work I had the chance for a quick bit of swings and snatches

basically it was 40 sets of 15 seconds on/15 seconds off
The first 20 sets were circuits of:
44 kg  2 arm swing
40 kg Alternating swing
24 kg Snatch Left
24 kg Snatch Right

Sets 21-24:
40 kg 2 arm swing
32 kg Alternating swing
24 kg Snatch Left
24 kg Snatch Right

Sets 25-30:
32 kg 2 arm swing
24 kg Snatch Left
24 kg Snatch Right

Sets 31-40:
24 kg Swing Left
24 kg Swing Right

I just kept modifying to keep up with the fatigue etc...
Averaged 9-10 reps with the 2 arm swing
8-9 on the alternating swing
7 reps on snatches and on arm swings

Might feel this one tomorrow

I found this VERY interesting:

In cancer science, many 'discoveries' don't hold up

NEW YORK (Reuters) - A former researcher at Amgen Inc has found that many basic studies on cancer -- a high proportion of them from university labs -- are unreliable, with grim consequences for producing new medicines in the future.

During a decade as head of global cancer research at Amgen, C. Glenn Begley identified 53 "landmark" publications -- papers in top journals, from reputable labs -- for his team to reproduce. Begley sought to double-check the findings before trying to build on them for drug development.

Result: 47 of the 53 could not be replicated. He described his findings in a commentary piece published on Wednesday in the journal Nature.

"It was shocking," said Begley, now senior vice president of privately held biotechnology company TetraLogic, which develops cancer drugs. "These are the studies the pharmaceutical industry relies on to identify new targets for drug development. But if you're going to place a $1 million or $2 million or $5 million bet on an observation, you need to be sure it's true. As we tried to reproduce these papers we became convinced you can't take anything at face value."

The failure to win "the war on cancer" has been blamed on many factors, from the use of mouse models that are irrelevant to human cancers to risk-averse funding agencies. But recently a new culprit has emerged: too many basic scientific discoveries, done in animals or cells growing in lab dishes and meant to show the way to a new drug, are wrong.

Begley's experience echoes a report from scientists at Bayer AG last year. Neither group of researchers alleges fraud, nor would they identify the research they had tried to replicate.

But they and others fear the phenomenon is the product of a skewed system of incentives that has academics cutting corners to further their careers.

George Robertson of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia previously worked at Merck on neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's. While at Merck, he also found many academic studies that did not hold up.

"It drives people in industry crazy. Why are we seeing a collapse of the pharma and biotech industries? One possibility is that academia is not providing accurate findings," he said.


Over the last two decades, the most promising route to new cancer drugs has been one pioneered by the discoverers of Gleevec, the Novartis drug that targets a form of leukemia, and Herceptin, Genentech's breast-cancer drug. In each case, scientists discovered a genetic change that turned a normal cell into a malignant one. Those findings allowed them to develop a molecule that blocks the cancer-producing process.

This approach led to an explosion of claims of other potential "druggable" targets. Amgen tried to replicate the new papers before launching its own drug-discovery projects.

Scientists at Bayer did not have much more success. In a 2011 paper titled, "Believe it or not," they analyzed in-house projects that built on "exciting published data" from basic science studies. "Often, key data could not be reproduced," wrote Khusru Asadullah, vice president and head of target discovery at Bayer HealthCare in Berlin, and colleagues.

Of 47 cancer projects at Bayer during 2011, less than one-quarter could reproduce previously reported findings, despite the efforts of three or four scientists working full time for up to a year. Bayer dropped the projects.

Bayer and Amgen found that the prestige of a journal was no guarantee a paper would be solid. "The scientific community assumes that the claims in a preclinical study can be taken at face value," Begley and Lee Ellis of MD Anderson Cancer Center wrote in Nature. It assumes, too, that "the main message of the paper can be relied on ... Unfortunately, this is not always the case."

When the Amgen replication team of about 100 scientists could not confirm reported results, they contacted the authors. Those who cooperated discussed what might account for the inability of Amgen to confirm the results. Some let Amgen borrow antibodies and other materials used in the original study or even repeat experiments under the original authors' direction.

Some authors required the Amgen scientists sign a confidentiality agreement barring them from disclosing data at odds with the original findings. "The world will never know" which 47 studies -- many of them highly cited -- are apparently wrong, Begley said.

The most common response by the challenged scientists was: "you didn't do it right." Indeed, cancer biology is fiendishly complex, noted Phil Sharp, a cancer biologist and Nobel laureate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Even in the most rigorous studies, the results might be reproducible only in very specific conditions, Sharp explained: "A cancer cell might respond one way in one set of conditions and another way in different conditions. I think a lot of the variability can come from that."


Other scientists worry that something less innocuous explains the lack of reproducibility.

Part way through his project to reproduce promising studies, Begley met for breakfast at a cancer conference with the lead scientist of one of the problematic studies.

"We went through the paper line by line, figure by figure," said Begley. "I explained that we re-did their experiment 50 times and never got their result. He said they'd done it six times and got this result once, but put it in the paper because it made the best story. It's very disillusioning."

Such selective publication is just one reason the scientific literature is peppered with incorrect results.

For one thing, basic science studies are rarely "blinded" the way clinical trials are. That is, researchers know which cell line or mouse got a treatment or had cancer. That can be a problem when data are subject to interpretation, as a researcher who is intellectually invested in a theory is more likely to interpret ambiguous evidence in its favor.

The problem goes beyond cancer.

On Tuesday, a committee of the National Academy of Sciences heard testimony that the number of scientific papers that had to be retracted increased more than tenfold over the last decade; the number of journal articles published rose only 44 percent.

Ferric Fang of the University of Washington, speaking to the panel, said he blamed a hypercompetitive academic environment that fosters poor science and even fraud, as too many researchers compete for diminishing funding.

"The surest ticket to getting a grant or job is getting published in a high-profile journal," said Fang. "This is an unhealthy belief that can lead a scientist to engage in sensationalism and sometimes even dishonest behavior."

The academic reward system discourages efforts to ensure a finding was not a fluke. Nor is there an incentive to verify someone else's discovery. As recently as the late 1990s, most potential cancer-drug targets were backed by 100 to 200 publications. Now each may have fewer than half a dozen.

"If you can write it up and get it published you're not even thinking of reproducibility," said Ken Kaitin, director of the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. "You make an observation and move on. There is no incentive to find out it was wrong."

(Note: Amgen researcher C. Glenn Begley is not related to the author of this story, Sharon Begley)

(Reporting By Sharon Begley; Editing by Michele Gershberg and Maureen Bavdek)

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Couple of days of training:

Friday -
Prep - Foam roller, ASLR, Brettzel, Hips, Rolling
circuit of:
Pistol x 5+5
One arm push-up x 3+3
SLDL 24 kg x 10 alternating
Handstand push-up x 5
x 2 circuits

24 kg Snatch x 25+25


Prep - Foam Roller, ASLR, T-spine, Rolling
Pistols x 5+5
32 kg Windmill x 3+3
32 kg Snatch x 3+3 x 20 sets (density training style - reps at top of minute)

Feeling pretty good...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just in case you forgot what I looked like...

I know the updates have been infrequent but it's been that kind of month or so - Taxes, business etc...

But things are rolling

GoDaddy has web hosting with basic site design - now I just need to sit down and get the site loaded up so the main site will be coming soon but I will likely keep the blog here (unless the new site design has an easy blog page set up)

Training is good - lots of body weight work (HSPU, HLRs, OAPU, Bridging, Front levers, pistols etc....)

Prep - Foam roller, ASLR, T-spine, rolling, hips
24 kg Arm bar + Get-up x 1+1, 1+1
24 kg Windmill x 3+3
24 kg Snatch test - 100 reps in just under 5 min (first 80 reps without stopping, 30 sec rest then 5+5, 5+5)
A few sets of pistols, hspu, leg raises, bridging
stretch and roll

This was my first snatch test in quite a while and I am overall pleased with the effort.  First 80 reps was 20+20, 10+10, 10+10 - 30 sec rest then 5+5 twice)

Doing good and more coming once I can get the site loaded and I will try not to have any more lags in posting

Thanks for checking in

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's been a while since I posted but taxes and other "things" have kept me hopping...

Training has been sporadic but ok -
For example

Prep - Limited
24 kg Windmill x 5+5
Double 24 kg SLDL x 5+5

Double 24 kg Jerks
ladder of { 2 - 3 - 5 - 10 } x 3 ladders
ladder of { 2 - 3 - 5 } x 2 ladders

HLRs x 5, 5


still keeping on the bodyweight exercises - pistols, handstands etc...

more later....

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quick training Prep - foam roller, aslr, t-spine, hips, rolling 24 kg get-up to elbow x 5+5 Pistols x 10 alternating 24 kg Snatch 20+20 2 min rest 15+15 1:30 rest 10+10 5+5 Stretch Rested as long as it took to complete the snatches Nice and easy

Friday, February 24, 2012

How to Prepare for and PASS the RKC
By: Brett Jones Master RKC, CSCS
Over the past 9+ years I have been involved in the RKC program and have  seen many certification attendees come through the three days that make up the RKC experience. My goal in this article is to provide you—the RKC hopeful—with a template that will have you prepared for the RKC. This is important because it is a physically  demanding weekend where you must still learn large amounts of technique, corrections and principles. If your body is not up to the challenge then you will not learn effectively. And that just will not do!
Unlike most 200 question multiple choice weekend certifications, you will earn your RKC with sweat and hard work. In addition, you will be tested on demonstration of proper technique in the basic RKC drills and the ability to assimilate application of the proper
corrections at the right time—it is an instructor’s course. Read the testimonials if you need proof. Again—you will  earn this certification.
Where I think the preparation process goes awry is in two main areas. These are:
#1—Too much emphasis on the snatch test
#2—Not preparing for three,  8+ hour days of work.
While the snatch test is important, it is only a starting point. It is a requirement  because we—as instructors—need to see that you have the base level of conditioning and overhead stability to even begin the course, proving to us that you have at least picked up your kettlebell and that you have some experience with the tool. But it is not ‘the test’ of the certification—as I stated it is only a starting point. Because RKC hopefuls get focused on the snatch test they tend to forget that three days of 8+ hours of practice of the basic drills and corrections await them, and this does not include the three (or more) 20-30 minute workouts during each day
Step #1 -
is to find your snatch test requirements and read and understand the rules. Ask questions on the forum if you need to do so.  Now go one weight class up and prepare for those numbers. This will provide a comfortable cushion and allow you to relax going into the snatch test. Steve Freides has written an excellent article on preparing for the snatch test available on There are other excellent articles available as well, so do some reading and be prepared for your snatch test.  Also scroll down the blog here on for a post on how to prepare for the snatch test.  
Step #2 -
is to get prepared to demonstrate proper form in the basic kettlebell drills. To do this I would recommend a session with your local RKC so you can eliminate mistakes and prevent grooving any bad habits. If this is not possible, then you will have to rely upon DVDs and books. I would recommend:
Enter the Kettlebell! bookand DVD, Kettlebell Basics for Strength Coaches and Personal Trainers DVD set, and the original RKC book. This will provide you a set of resources that will give you ample information to prepare for the certification and arrive prepared.
Step #3 -
is to get physically ready to handle the RKC weekend. Below I will lay out a template of practice that will help in preparing you and I will make suggestions on mimicking the weekend so that you will not be caught by surprise and have to battle the physical demands placed on you. The template lays out three different workouts for three consecutive days where one drill will be emphasized as the other drills are practiced in between. Perform 1-3 circuits of the drills in the order listed. Perform 5-8 reps per set except on swings where you can feel free to increase the reps as long as form stays perfect. You will not need a day to emphasize cleans or snatches as you will
be performing enough of those during the other drills and with your snatch test practice (which is to be performed in addition to these workouts on at least two of the days).
Workout #1
Clean and Press
Clean and Front Squat
Workout #2
Clean and Press
Clean and Press
Clean and Front Squat
Clean and Press
Clean and Press
Clean and Press
Workout #3
Clean and Front Squat
Clean and Front Squat
Clean and Press
Clean and Front Squat
Clean and Front Squat
Clean and Front Squat
This is about practicing the drills and perfecting form while increasing conditioning specific to the weekend. Hence, you will be performing the three consecutive days of  training in addition to the snatch test preparations. I would even suggest that you make Friday, Saturday and Sunday your workout days—then rest on Monday and work additional snatch test workouts on Tuesday and Wednesday and then rest on Thursday before beginning again on Friday. This will get you in the groove for the weekend. You will also need to rotate intensity of volume and weight—16 kg for 5 circuits one day and 24kg for 3 circuit the next— Single Kettlebell drills one day and double  Kettlebell drills the next etc…(be sure you put time in on the drills with double KBs).
I would also recommend Super Joints drills to keep your body ‘tuned up’ and prepared for this type of training.  Be willing to reduce the volume and weight if needed—DO NOT GET INJURED preparing for the RKC. BE SMART!
So there you have it—a training template that will have you physically tuned up and ready for the demands of the RKC weekend. Nothing is more frustrating for us as instructors than people arriving ill prepared for the RKC. So put your time in and remember that you will earn your RKC. You have been warned.

Kettlebell Snatch Test Requirements
100 Kettlebell Snatches in 5 minutes
The sum of both arms is scored. Depending on the gender, age, and bodyweight, the candidate must perform the following number of reps in the specified time:
Men Open Class up to 60kg/132lbs
Men Open Class over 60kg/132lbs
Men Masters (50-64)
Men Seniors (65 and over)
Women Open Class up to 56kg/123.5lbs
Women Open Class over 56kg/123.5lbs
Women Masters (50-64)
Women Seniors (65 and over)
If you do not pass the snatch test at the Certification, you may retake the test no later than 90 days after the course. You may retake the test in person with a Master, Senior, or RKC Team Leader in your area or send the video to your team leader.
So how are you going to prepare for this requirement?
The sample training routine below is specific to the 24 kg requirements but you can adjust it accordingly for your KB weight requirement.
This is about as simple as I can make it:
Day one: Heavy One Arm Swing
32 kg One arm swing x 10 min - Goal of 10+10 x 8 sets
Day two - 24 kg Snatches
Density Training = certain number of reps at the beginning of a minute then rest till the start of the next minute and repeat
5+5 x 15 minutes
6+6 x 13 minutes
7+7 x 12 minutes
8+8 x 10 minutes
9+9 x 9 minutes
10+10 x 7 minutes
Stay with a workout until it is “easy” then progress to the next step/level
at 10+10 x 7 minutes you will have passed the snatch test + 2 extra minutes
This means 40-45 seconds of snatches with 15-20 seconds to set the KB down and shake it off and recover.
Why 2 extra minutes?
Because you should go into your RKC knowing that you OWN the Snatch test.
Day 3 - 16 kg Snatches
16 kg snatches x 10-15 minutes 
Higher number of snatches (20-30) per arm will build more grip endurance, condition the skin on the hands, and give you a day of volume without beating you up.
So you have a heavy day of swings to build power and grip, a day specific to the snatch test, and a day 
of volume for extra conditioning but not a beating.
There are many, many strategies for attacking the RKC Snatch test but this is a simple way to 
accomplish the task, save the hands and have lots of energy left for the weekend.
(You’ll need it!!)
Training today

Prep - Foam roller, ASLR, T-spine, Hips, Rolling

44 kg Get-up to elbow x 4+4, 3+3, 2+2, 1+1

Circuit of:
40 kg MP x Right x 2 + Left x 1+1negative x 3 sets
Chins - One arm Band assisted x 3+3 x 3 sets
Pistols (bodyweight) x 5+5 x 3 sets

Ropes x 12 min
(1 min alternating + 1 min symmetrical)

Band assisted one arm chins are with one arm on the bar and the other hand holding a jump stretch band - like Step 9 in the CC progressions

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another day of training...

I was sore (pleasantly) from my session Monday and only did movement work/stretching yesterday but decided to hit it again today.

Prep - Foam Roller, ASLR, T-spine, Hips, Rolling
Chins with two 16kg Kbs hanging from the feet x 3, 3, 3, 2+
16 kg Rack Pistols - Clean Right = 1 right + 1 Left - Clean Left = 1 Left + 1 right
X 4 sets
DL - 315 x 3, 3, 3
HSPU - full range x 2, 2 - 2" short of full range x 2

Also worked (a little) on muscle ups and one arm iso holds at the top + negative

Feeling good

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great day of training yesterday

Prep - not much - did some movement work during the morning but launched right into training

Chins + 90# x 2 x 5 sets
Pistols (bw) x 10 alternating legs x 5 sets
DL (semi-sumo stance) x 315 x 3 x 3 sets
Handstand Push-ups - at various ranges using 2 adjustable steps
Full range x 1, 1
2" short of full range x 2
4" short of full range x 2
hands on ground x 5

Also hit my first Muscle Up - haven't been practicing - just decided to do it and after a few missed reps I got it.  I'll be keeping some of these in as I work on my one arm chin.

Foam roller later in the day

good and sore today - in a great way - perfectly worked

DL was a semi sumo stance (little toes lined up with the rings on the bar) and hook grip.
Starting back nice and easy on the DL

Website is coming but this will likely be the blog for now

Thanks for reading

Friday, February 17, 2012

With any luck this will be a temporary situation and as soon as I can get my web hosting worked out and download and figure out my new Website Software I will be up and running on the website again.

For now the training has been mainly bodyweight GTG work on Pistols, push-ups, HSPU, etc...
With Kbs added in when possible.

For today for example:

Prep - Foam Roller, ASLR, T-spine, hips, Rolling
Bodyweight Pistols x 2+2
32 kg Get-up x 1+1 x 5 sets - no rest between reps or sets
32 kg Rack Pistol x Right side clean with 1 left + 1 right and Left side clean with 1 right + 1 left
32 kg SLDL x 10 alternating legs
32 kg Bent press x 5 +5

Having fun and staying busy

On the new website I will transfer over all of the articles etc... from the other website

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you!

I have had to revert to my old blog site on blogger since Mac eliminated the MobileMe web site hosting whe you upgrade to iCloud - my first and VERY negative experience with Apple.

I will get this cleaned up and ready to roll very soon.

Thank you for your patience.


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