Friday, February 17, 2012

With any luck this will be a temporary situation and as soon as I can get my web hosting worked out and download and figure out my new Website Software I will be up and running on the website again.

For now the training has been mainly bodyweight GTG work on Pistols, push-ups, HSPU, etc...
With Kbs added in when possible.

For today for example:

Prep - Foam Roller, ASLR, T-spine, hips, Rolling
Bodyweight Pistols x 2+2
32 kg Get-up x 1+1 x 5 sets - no rest between reps or sets
32 kg Rack Pistol x Right side clean with 1 left + 1 right and Left side clean with 1 right + 1 left
32 kg SLDL x 10 alternating legs
32 kg Bent press x 5 +5

Having fun and staying busy

On the new website I will transfer over all of the articles etc... from the other website


Unknown said...

Looking forward to the articles being back online. I have 2 HKCs from my team who are seriously considering RKC this year. Your article on RKC prep was key to my success - I'm looking forward to passing it along.

Brett Jones said...

Working on it

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