Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Great day of training yesterday

Prep - not much - did some movement work during the morning but launched right into training

Chins + 90# x 2 x 5 sets
Pistols (bw) x 10 alternating legs x 5 sets
DL (semi-sumo stance) x 315 x 3 x 3 sets
Handstand Push-ups - at various ranges using 2 adjustable steps
Full range x 1, 1
2" short of full range x 2
4" short of full range x 2
hands on ground x 5

Also hit my first Muscle Up - haven't been practicing - just decided to do it and after a few missed reps I got it.  I'll be keeping some of these in as I work on my one arm chin.

Foam roller later in the day

good and sore today - in a great way - perfectly worked

DL was a semi sumo stance (little toes lined up with the rings on the bar) and hook grip.
Starting back nice and easy on the DL

Website is coming but this will likely be the blog for now

Thanks for reading

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