Monday, August 25, 2014

Vacation, getting my cross crawl back and KBs...

So the training was rolling along there pretty good and I was enjoying the bending and squatting
My wrists/hands got a bit bruised up and sore when I started going after the Grade 8 bolts and I lost my cross crawl/hard roll and some movement freedom.

I think this is in part due to squeezing training in instead of making time for a more complete session and just being a bit "greedy" with the progress.

So I took a weeks vacation with my wife and didn't train and the week before and after vacation were quite crazy so I didn't get anything of note in there.

Yesterday I decided to move a bit and found my cross crawl/hard roll had returned.  This is an important movement for me since it "ties in" my mesh core and my hip mobility. When I lose this it usually means I am getting "stiff" and losing a bit of hip mobility and motor control.  So the big lesson - don't lose it.


prep - Ground based work + cross crawl and hard roll
24 kg Snatch
15 sets of 5+5 (reps at the top of each minute density style)
30 min on exercise bike - Hill program


prep - ground based work + cross crawl and hard roll
Double 24 kg Jerk
10 min x 5 jerks
5 min x 3 jerks
Density style
Mow yard etc....

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