Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Training today - 10/30/07...

Squats - 405 x 3, 455 x 2, 405 x 3, 455 x 2, 405 x 3
MP - 135 x 3, 155 x 3,3,3,3

Squats felt very good and went very deep for all the reps - MP - well - I just have to work on that.

Otherwise - sticking with the Z and having fun.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

KB today - 10/28/07...

Get-ups 32 kg x 5 singles each side
two arm swings 32 kg x 10
KJ VO2Max - 16kg (15 sec on/15 sec off) x 40 sets
Windmill x 5 r+L (16 kg)

Loads of fun and cardio! (the horror...the horror...the horror...)

I will be waving the VO2max sets - 30 next workout - 42 the next - 35 the next etc...this will allow for more time to adapt and "enjoy" the Dane of Pain's torture.

Friday, October 26, 2007

KB training today: 10-26-07

Well - it has begun...My Gymboss timer is now my most hated possession!

All with the 16kg KB today:
TGU x 5 r+L
Windmill x 5 r+L
KJ's 15/15 VO2 max protocol x 32 sets (12 sets at 8 reps per set then the last 20 at 7 reps per set)
Windmill x 5 r+L

The gymboss works as promised - no escape - no relief - it just beeps when the time period is up. It may have an "accident" one day! ;)

Side note - I was SORE from the squats on Tuesday - very sore. Figured the band tension was around 550-575 at the top on the 405+ bands sets - no wonder!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Training today...10/23/07

Squats with doubled monster mini bands- 315 x 3, 3, 405 x 2, 365 x 2,
315 x 3

Military Press 135 x 5,5,5,4

I was going to stay light today but decided to throw a little weight on the bar. Just couldn't help myself.
Otherwise a pretty good workout.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Off to the RKC tomorrow...

Off to the October RKC tomorrow - much pain to inflict and information to share! ;)

My gymboss timer arrived today so the 15:15 snatch intervals begin next week. It has felt really good to have an easy week and let my body recover from the heavy loading.

Next week - back at it!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meet report:

AAU Worlds in Orlando, FL
The good, the bad and the learning process...
Weigh in Thursday @ 195.5 (so far so good)
Turns out the 198's are competitive and some very good lifters are there (including a name I recognize from the records)
Squats: 1st - 474 (three whites), 2nd - 518 (three reds - just ran out of steam on the way up), 3rd - 518 (two whites)
Bench: 1st - 297 (three whites), 2nd - 318 (three reds), 3rd - 318 (three reds)
DL: 1st - 530 (three whites), 2nd - 573 (three whites, 3rd - 584 (three reds)
(5 for 9)
So: 518 - 297 - 573 = 1388 total

Placed Second in the Submaster Raw Full Power meet and 1st in the Submaster Raw Deadlift only

The Good:
A PR total, PR Squat, and PR DL (all meet PRs - which are different from gym PRs)
Came back to get my 518 squat on my 3rd attempt

The Bad:
Bench (nuff said)

The Learning Process:
Have to figure out how to eat during the meet - I am doing a piss poor job of fueling my body during the day
Timing is everything - timing eating, warm-ups, etc...
Peaking - the last four weeks before the meet were not ideal for a peak so I still need to actually peak for a meet

84 pounds to go to get Raw Elite - This will come primarily from continuing to increase my squat, actually hitting the bench press numbers I am capable of and working my DL a little.

All in all the meet was EXCELLENT - the AAU and the meet directors ran a great meet and the Disney complex was superb for the meet. 80 lifters and awards and all were done before 5 pm (lifting started at 9:30 am).

Now a few weeks of Z and Kenneth Jay's VO2 protocol - once a week squatting and I'll pick a PL meet in late spring.

Thanks for everyones support

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Off to Orlando tomorrow...

I fly out tomorrow morning to go to Orlando and the AAU worlds meet. Will post if I can but it is going to be a quick trip and I might just call Rif with the results and have him post something.

Going to have fun on Friday!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Quick training today:

Squats with Doubled over Monster Mini bands 315 x 1, 365 x 1
Bench 275 x 1
DL 425 x 1, 1

Quick and easy to prime the body for friday - during the squat cycle I was used to having my heavy days as my second squatting days of the week so I need to feel the weight early in the week.

Now rest and relax - the work has been done and now the time draws near - the culmination of about 6 months of prep for this meet.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

As far as "free advice" goes - this is some pretty good stuff!

From Jack Reape on the dragondoor.com forum:

"A Peak is Worth a Thousand Plans!"

But for those who just need a little advice, this advice should cover most of it.

You need more mobility and balance.
You need to hone your technique.
You are not as conditioned as you think you are.
You need to work harder but maybe or maybe not more.
You need to add some muscle.
You need to do complex movements and single limb work, over single muscle drills.
You need to have balance in your life, and your training, and your portfolio.
You need more work with your feet on the floor.
You need to learn to think and plan for yourself.
You need to train at least some of the time with folks better than you.
You need to enter something and compete, even if only against yourself. Losing sucks but sucking sucks worse.
You need to keep a log.
It hurts because something is wrong.
You are sore because you did more than you are used to doing.
If you can't do a dip, leg raise, bulgarian squat, or pullup, just get to work.
You need to do more things that involve moving your torso(and sometimes with added load) through space.
You need to reconsider speaking or writing any sentence that contain the words "core", "tranverse abdominus", or "rhabdomyolysis". I withdraw this sentence. See?
MMA is probably not a good idea for you.
Did i mention mobility?


And from me regarding advice on "working injured or painful areas":
(also from the dd forum)
Just wanted to throw this out there since this is a place where people come for advice and different perspectives etc...

When someone asks for an exercise for a painful area - as a couple of people have done recently for low back pain - and people just provide exercises for said painful area - you are giving the wrong advice!

The scenario is this - Person A comes to the internet and asks "Area X hurts - so what can I do to work/exercise the area??"
The response should be: "Why is area X hurting?"
NOT - "Hey here are five exercises that will directly target your pain." (this is the same as recommending a person with a headache bang their head against a wall until the headache goes away)

If something hurts there is a reason and addressing that reason is the right course of action/advice - NOT targeting the symptoms by working the painful area.

Remember that the advice you dispense here is going to be taken literally by some and they will follow it - and you cannot know HOW they will apply it.
Also remember that when you receive advice through the internet that the source of that advice does not know you or your entire history - apply this advice with caution.

Also - consider the Risk to Benefit ratio of what you are doing - safety and being pain free is always the #1 rule and consideration of a training program.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Training today - 10/2/2007:

Squat - 475 x 1, 525 x 0, 1, 495 x 1

Bench - 275 x 2, 325 x 1, 315 x 1 (paused), 1

Overall a very good day - went to the gym today with lots of mental stress and lots of body/sleep stress but hit some PRs and had a solid day.
Missed the first attempt at 525 because I got kicked forward and out of position - so strip it - rerack it and hit the second attempt solid. When I get too upright in my decent I get kicked forward but I was able to nail the second one and a final rep at 495.
Bench was once again very solid - not arching is allowing me to hit a very good groove and the weights feel light. Also hitting a PR after squats is perfect.

Quick side note - and this will sound pathetic - but some of the plates for the squats were heavy so I feel pretty confident that the actual weight was upwards of 10#s heavier. This was confirmed by some of the other gym rats at my gym so that just gives me even more confidence.

Another side note - today was not a day most people would train hard or set PRs but it allows me to clear some mental clutter and dig down and set PRs in less than ideal situations. This is where deep strength is built.

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