Thursday, September 06, 2012

Getting some training in...

The Bison and footwork 5 minute drills have been happening about every other day and this feels about right - 6 days into the month

Prep - Foam roller (my new travel rumble roller - very nice), ASLR, T-spine, Rolling work etc...
Circuit of:
BW SLDL x 1+1
Airborne Lunge x 1+1
BW Squat x 3
Pistol x 2+2
HSPU x 5, 5, 4
Completed 3 circuits (minimal rest and a large focus on my feet and arch position)
5 min Bison
5 min Ballet Heel Raise work
Rolling and "stretch"

Focus of the lower body work was foot and arch position
used different arm positions for the Bison "circles" - overhead, low in front, chest level, behind back and chest level again - fun stuff

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