Friday, September 07, 2012

Ropes and KBs

Haven't touched a rope workout in quite a while so I ran down to my little studio so I could hit the ropes in my backyard and since I had a KB as my "rope holder" I decided to throw some 2 arm swings in as well.
And just to finish did some 2# Club swinging.

Prep work - foam roller, aslr, t-spine, hips, rolling

Battling Ropes Alternating Waves x 10 minutes continuous
32 kg 2 arm Swings x 10 at top of each minute for 10 minutes
2# Club swinging x 10 #1, 10 #2, 10 each side #3, 20 #4, 20 #5 and 10 of number 6

83 or so degrees out in the sun and felt great to get a sweat going.

Ropes felt good and I was actually surprised when the timer went off for 10 minutes
Now I am sure I didn't have the pace of a Tim Anderson or John Brookfield (I am QUITE sure of it as a matter of fact) but I was happy to keep the ropes going for 10 minutes after not touching them for a few months.
Swings felt pretty good and Clubs felt good as a finisher.

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