Sunday, June 17, 2012

Video to check out:

188 snatches with a 24 kg KB by a 58 kg female GS competitor in Russia

Impressive to say the least

The next time someone wants to complain about the RKC snatch test requirements I will point them toward this...


Will Parker - Strength/Conditioning Coach said...

Impressive stuff indeed!
No excuses for the RKC snatch test!


As a new RKC, I understand why Hardstyle is so important to learn and master first. Both for safety and performance.

What are your thoughts on Girevoy Sport technique for training purposes? Specifically to increase power output and work capacity.


Brett Jones said...

GS is a sport technique - amazing work capacity for the 10 minute sets etc...
If you want to compete in GS then it needs to be a goal to learn that and optimize your technique
Some of the techniques - rounded back etc... may not work out well for a good number of people

there are seveal different types of GS form however

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