Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Back from Providence - Off to Amsterdam...

Got a little training in today
Prep work and Stretch
Jogging in my VFFs x 2.5 or so miles at the nature trail
Got back home and...
2# Club Swinging - just working through the 5 movements for unknown reps
16 kg Get-up and tall and 1/2 kneeling work

The Perform Better Summit was excellent. Got to spend time with Mike Boyle, Gray, and Thomas Myers to name a few. Joe Sansalone, Neghar, Mike Perry, several other RKCs were in attendance and it was great to see everyone.

Off across the Pond tomorrow...


Unknown said...

Have a good trip buddy.

Unknown said...

Brett it was great to meet you in person. It was the highlight of my time at the Summit. I wish I had more time to speak with you but there were so many who wanted the same. Good luck down under and have a safe trip.

Mike Perry said...

Providence was great! Thx for your time Brett, I truly appreciate it.

Have a great trip

Brett Jones said...

Thanks Tim - hope you are doing well

Thanks Donald - great meeting you and it is always a crazy time at the PB events. I'm sure we will meet again in the future.

Thanks Mike - I really appreciate the support and assistance at the workshop. Let me know if you need anything.

Philip said...

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