Friday, March 30, 2007

Off to Erie in the morning...

I am off to the PL meet in Erie tomorrow morning - just cutting a little weight has me crying ;) But it will be worth it because I do not want to readjust my goals for being in the 198s!

Results on Sunday afternoon - since I am staying in Erie overnight - so i will report when I have the chance.


Anonymous said...

Good lifting tomorrow, Coach!

In the long view of things, will you stick primarily with powerlifting, or will you use the tremendous diesel power that you're building and use it as a base for another primary activity, such as k'bells, TSC, or even yoga?

Brett Jones said...

My goals with PL are to hit raw elite and elite and get out of powerlifting but continue to work on my DL to get it over 600. And you are correct - the base I am laying down now will help me a great deal in other endeavors.
Thanks and talk to you soon

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