Monday, March 26, 2007

Random Thoughts - (formerly Deep Thoughts...)

A smattering of stuff floating through my head today:

Big jumps - "I made a dollar - next stop 1 million!"
Doesn't make much sense does it?? But I see people all the time that achieve a PR in an exercise and they are already projecting ahead to a huge jump.
"I squatted 405! Next stop 500!"
While it is great to have a goal and to be excited and achieve what are considered milestones in your training - it is also important to keep perspective.
The next stop after 405 is 425 - 455 - 475 and many places in between - you may have an ultimate goal of 500 but if you skip what lies inbetween - you will miss a lot.

Get out and do it - pick a venue and sign up for a competition - draw up a plan of attack and train for your event. Putting yourself out there in front of other competitors and judges has many benefits and directs your training and efforts.

Learn Proper Form:
I had to not look at some of the lifters yesterday. Their DL warmups were horrible - even painful to watch. As I have said before - There is a difference between swinging the kettlebell and knowing how to perform the swing. And - There is a difference between picking a weight up off of the floor and knowing how to perform the deadlift.
Read, study and get coaching - you need outside eyes on your form.

"The Starbucks Experience":
Caught this recommendation off of Alwyn Cosgrove's blog and it is a great read. Details the guiding principles of Starbucks and how they elevated coffee to it's current status. A must read from a customer service perspective.

That should do it for now - Enjoy


Mark Reifkind said...


I agree but will 'pick some nits'.
It's even smaller than that:
after 403 it's 407 then 413 THEN 425.The closer you get to true maxes the smaller jumps you get to take.There can be an entire universe between 405 and 455, a gap some will never span.
Thats why powerlifters know their EXACT max in each lift, in the meet, and take offense at those that 'guesstimate' and extrapolate "up" for their real nubmers, or, even worse, give their gym lifts as their real numbers.

Brett Jones said...

"There can be an entire universe between..."
Yes indeed!

Christine said...

Some people just don't realize how much work has to go into a 95lb strength gain-- seems like they forget how long it took them to get to 405 in the first place!

Brett Jones said...

Thanks lift like a girl - putting it in terms of 95 pounds difference is a great way to do it.

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