Sunday, March 11, 2007

Squats tomorrow and finally got my links up...

With some help from Rif I finally have my site linked to a few other blogs etc...

Tomorrow is squat day - Looking forward to getting under the bar and hitting some good squats then I will get a chance to hit some board presses with some of the other PLers in the gym.

My blog has been a bit inconsistent lately because I have been having stretches where I work a month at a time or more with out a day off and trying to travel and keep up with other products and get things taken care of so I can work on the book and other stuff...oh yeah and then there's that whole "trying" to have life thing that gets in the way ;)

Work is funny to me - if I fail at something work wise it will not be for lack of effort or lack of time spent - I am willing to work many hours if I feel it is needed. However, I also try to keep in mind a great saying -

"Work so that you can live - Do not live to work."

So easy to say - So hard to do - especially when you have moved and are trying to establish multiple businesses at the same time. But we try.....

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