Thursday, March 01, 2007

Training today and a Question....

Semi-sumo - 425 x 2, 475 x 1, 515 x 1
Conventional - 515 x 1,1,1 425 x 2

Inverted Rows +100# x 5,5,5

Bench 275 x 2,2,2 (paused)

DL felt good - Big sumo DL PR - previously 455 stopped me cold on the sumo style DL so hitting 515 is very nice and continuing to pull conventional singles with some speed was really nice.
Bench was good - speed with pauses - felt solid and very good.

I am in a bit of uncharted territory right now with some great progress in my training. My frequency has come down to two powerlifting days a week but my intensity on those days is very good. Now to hit two Kb days to round out the program and maybe get another boost.

And the Question...

When designing your next training protocol ask yourself this question: What is the least I can do and still make progress?

I'll let you stew on that for a moment or two....

Don't look for the ragged edge (except 3-4 times/training cycles a year) - yes this is a training modality to be used but not all the time.
If you have injuries or a history of working yourself into trouble - find out how little you can do and progress in the direction you want to progress.

Perhaps a very different perspective for you but one that may just change your direction and get you some progress.
Just something to think about...


Tommy Shook said...

Brett, I'm going to take the Mickey of you here a bit, but as little as possible in addition to your 2 powerlifting days? easy bro, 12 ounce curls and some jump-rope intervals.

Brett Jones said...

Could you post that again? - I don't get what you are trying to say.

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