Friday, March 16, 2007

Some great articles out there...

On -

Check out Christian Thibaudeau's article on the "Science of High-Threshold Motor Recruitment for Hypertrophy" - While most of you know that I am not interested in hypertrophy - this article has some great information in it and is based on keeping strength and size equal - not producing "non-functional hypertrophy".

Chris Shugart has a good article - "The Big Picture Seminar..." relating the basics from a workshop he taught in Boston covering some nutritional and training principles - good tips and some good quotes.

On - Dr. John Bernardi has a great interview with Eric Cressey about the deadlift -
and I found a Mike Robertson article "Precision Pulling" on - another good deadlift article.

Ordered Christian Thibaudeau's book and am finishing several others at the moment - Mike Boyle's Designing Strength Training Programs and Facilities, Trigger Point Therapy Manual by Claire Davies and tons of articles...

The learning continues...

Great things professionally as well - very busy and will be posting a travel schedule soon as I am booking up for the year and trying to keep moving on my projects.

I am in San Diego this weekend and taking a day off on Monday so enjoy the articles I listed above and have a great weekend.

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