Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I actually love and hate soreness. I love it because it is that primitive indication of work performed. I hate it because it hurts everytime I move!! ;)

And I do not look at it as a sign of progress - it is just an indication of work performed that was either higher in volume or intensity or an infrequent stimulus that the body chooses not to adapt to because it doesn't happen often enough.

What do I look to as an indication of progress - getting stronger of course!!

My squats have fallen into this category - squatting once a week is leaving me sore after each Monday. But my dead-lift and squat and bench are all moving the correct direction so I guess I will put up with some soreness for now.

When I was squatting 3 x week on the modified pre-RSR I got very sore at the beginning but after that would only get mild feelings of soreness after a workout where I pushed very hard and even then it wasn't soreness like at the beginning. Your body adapts to the stress you put it under and progress in strength is the indicator of progress - soreness just is.

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